Is an overactive thyroid hereditary?

can it be passed down from parents to children?

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  1. yes I believe so, my late mother had the same and so did her mother and aunts
  2. yes I'm afraid so as my mum had hers removed as it became very dangerous for her to keep it and the drugs were not strong enough to control it and I'm 34 and about 4 years ago they found out that I also have a thyroid problem but the thyroxine is controlling mine, thankfully.
  3. no, it is not.
  4. You bet! Anything involving the Thyroid is hereditary. I am hypo-thyroid and have Papillary Thyroid Cancer and my kids need to be checked every year, blood work as well as palpating the thyroid area. My 16 year old already is showing signs of being hypo... Not exactly what you want to pass on to your kids! Get them checked!!!
  5. Yes it is, mys best friend and her daughter both have/had it
  6. I don't think so.
  7. Absolutely!

    I have an overactive thyroid. My uncle and his daughter have it and my aunt and her son have it. Runs in families unfortunately. Good luck x