Why won't my dogs hair grow back after being shaved?

I just asked this question earlier. My dogs hair won't grow back in several spots after being shaved. He has seen a vet and had his thyroid checked and his skin, no explanation from vet as yet.

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  1. Did you use an exfoliation agent on him when you shaved him? If you use something like you do to remove your hairs, his hairs will never grow back because the hair folicles have been permanently removed. When shaving animals it is best to use clean water and surgical soap.
  2. It could be a food alergy. What kind of food is he eating? Are there corn fillers in it?
  3. give it time it may take a long time..I would give it a few more weeks and if still nothing take it back to the vet
  4. The same thing happened to our Golden Retriever. He had a tumor removed a couple of years ago on his hip. They shaved a lot of hair, almost his entire hip and it never grew back, only a tiny bit where the incision was. He had a second tumor last year and the same thing happened, the hair never grew back, either. It looks terrible, but there's nothing you we can do about it either, no explanation. I wonder if he got a razor burn and the hair follicles were damaged. Sorry to hear this happened to your dog, too.
  5. What kind of dog is it? Nevermind.,.I found your other post..its a Golden?
    Alot of breeds that aren't supposed to be shaved down...like Chows, Pomeranians, Goldens, Huskys etc etc will take a long time for the coat to grow back in..especially the undercoat. The hair will grow back in patches and will have a moth eaten look to it. I've seen in some dogs..usually Pomeranians..where the hair will never grow back in right again. OR..after years and years of continual shave downs on double coated breeds, the hair grows in thicker and thicker and just never looks right when it tries to grow back in.
    This is one of the reasons I do not suggest shaving down a double coated breed unless it is absolutly necessary...(I.e..skin problems)
    Unless you are seeing some kind of skin problem going on, you just have to give it time, it could take months for that coat to grow back and look normal.
  6. thats wierd idk sorry
  7. hmm....the only thing I can suggest is feeding him science diet Lamb and rice. the lamb and rice is made specially for dogs with "coat" problems but it also helps to maintain a healthy coat so its really good for them :0) aslo I would suggest maybe not getting him shaved so close to the skin.. what kind of dog do you have? try the food though...science diet is one of the best foods you can give a dog...VERY healthy!!! hope that helps alittle
  8. You might have to wait until the next shedding cycle. Some dogs, like poodles, have hair that grows continuously, but some dogs have hair that grows in twice a year, and if you shave it, you'll have to wait until it grows back again.

    It's ugly, I know, but you'll probably just have to wait 'til spring or maybe early summer for the next moult.