Has my cat gone blind with old age?

Over the past few days we've noticed one of my cats (18 years) stumbling around slowly and occasionally bumping into things. They were too far appart for us to suspect anything though. Today she has totally gone from bad to worse. She can't see anything and she's walking into everything and getting lost around the house, crying for us to come help her. We would take her to the vets but they're closed for the New Year. We've noticed her pupils aren't dilating and they're cloudy. Any advice? And also she has an overactive thyroid gland. Is the blindness anything to do with this or is it just old age?

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  1. maybe you could keep things where she knows where everything's at.and if you live in a large house;close some of it off;so she doesn;t get completely lost..I feed a feral cat that's blind;and he meows constantly to listen to the eccos sphe can find his way....when the holidays over take her to the vet and see what they say... talk to her lots ;to let her know your around her;so she won;t be so scard....good-luck to you and ms.kitty
  2. It's likely cataracts. Try keeping her in a room with you - if she knows you're closer, she won't be so scared. Animals can adjust amazingly well with a little help from their family - your cat can cope with blindness.
  3. The haziness you see maybe lenticular sclerosis, hardening of the lens. It happens in cats and dogs just like humans, its why older people have to wear reading glasses. Hypertension can cause sudden blindness, which is also common in older cats with kidney disease and hyperthyroidism. If you want any chance of saving your kitties vision I would take you cat to the vet as soon as possible. The longer the hypertension is allowed to go on the less chance of saving the vision. Once you go the the vet, they will want to do a couple of different tests, some blood work, a urinalysis, check its blood pressure. They may even refer you to a veterinary ophthomolgist. If you kitty has high blood pressure they might be able to treat it with medication, you might have to make a diet change also to lower the amount of protein your kitty is eating.
    If your kitty's vision doesn't return don't lose hope. Most animals adjust well to blindness. She has had limited vision for a while because the the lens hardening.
    As long as you don't move the furniture around and leave her food, water and litter in the same place she'll be fine.
  4. if they are cloudy that means that your cat is blind...it might be from both or either...when she is walking around make sure you are around and keep talking or wisphering she will follow your voice...._IF_ she loves and cares for you.........I'm sure she does....you can get surgery done...even though that costs a lot.......good luck!......hope your cat and you and your famiy has a good new year!....good luck!^_^
  5. Maybe she got an infection otherwise yep, going blind.
  6. Blindness is a common occurence in cats who are hyperthyroid and not treated for that condition. The high blood pressure from that condition can cause retinas to detach resulting in blindness.
  7. I had a cat with the same problems, it is probably cataract, which does have something to do with age. They can do surgery on them , but it is very expensive, I am not a vet, just the experience I had with my cat.
  8. Could be cataracts.
  9. I had one old cat that went blind when she had a stroke and at first she acted the same way (who wouldnt if they suddenly became blind!) , and she learned to get around and lived another year before a subsequent stroke killed her. You might want to shut her in your bedroom or in the bathroom where she has a smaller area to be in and have an easier time finding her food, water and litter (feeding a strong smelling canned cat food will help her locate her food too), and where she can hear you. Get her to a vet as soon as you can though, to get a definite diagnosis on cause of the blindness. Stroke is just one possiblity, there are other possible causes, its not just old age, something has happened to cause it.
  10. If her eyes are cloudy it would indicate cateracts. This is a progressive problem, and your cat can reach a point where it becomes blind.

    However, I would be more inclined to want to rule out any nuerological issues due to toxicity. Its quite common for elderly cats kindey's to stop functioning, and behavior like this can result.
  11. This is by far the greatest cause of "sudden blindness" seen by veterinarians. Hypertension often accompanies diabetes, hyperthroidism, and kidney disease, and cats with any of those conditions should be monitored closely by a veterinarian for evidence of hypertension. There are few early symptoms to watch for at home, but red flags include dilated pupils which do not respond to light, and the appearance of blood in the eye chamber.
    Cataracts if left untreated will progress to glaucoma.
  12. She is a very old cat. And yes, you're probably right about her going blind. Most likely it's with glaucoma: That's frequently indicated by cloudy lenses.

    It could be either age or the thyroid. Try to keep her comfortable, and take her to the vet for a more sure diagnosis as soon as you may.

    Good luck.
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  14. Most likely it IS blindness. It could also be caused by a sudden spike in blood sugar (or a diabetic issue).

    Pull her onto your lap... help her around. She'll get used to it,just like humans learn to deal with blindness. They're upset for a long while at first,too. She's most likely frustrated and scared than anything else. If she gets lost,go get her,soothe her,talk to her... She's only blind,after all. She can still smell,still hear.