Thyroid Problem cause acne?

I just wanted to know if anyone knows if a thyroid problem could cause acne/cystic acne? I am having a thyriod problem and I have acne really bad now and never used to

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  1. I do have acne problems with my underactive thyroid. Not just on my face but also on my body, I.e. shoulders, back, thighs. And they are nasty and hurt alot, not just your normal pimple thing. My dr. said they are boils, but I don't believe her. The one thing I have found that works is hydrocortisone cream with anti-itch in it, otherwise I'm scratching til I bleed at times.

    Also check out peri-menopause , your hormones may be out of wack. Just a thought. Hope this info helps.
  2. I've been trying this stuff called beautiful skin and to my surprise it's actually working!
  3. I have a skin problem that causes huge cysts and is caused by blocked sweat glands,my mom keeps telling me to go get my thyroid checked but I never knew why she said it.
  4. I found this to be really reliable to getting rid of acne:
  5. yeah it can also cause sores
  6. No, that is not a symptom of a thyroid problem.