Can a thyroid problem be undetected even in a blood test?

I know this person who has all signs of a thyroid problem thinning & falling of hair, weight gain, dry skin, skipped periods, and constipation problems? the test revealed her thyroid was normal? is it possible it went un noticed in the test? or does she really have this problem?

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  1. she could have another disorder with these symptoms. It's easy to diagnose thyroid problems with tests
  2. Well they can be detected and undetected. Just go with the flow whatever it says! LOL
  3. YES!!!!!
    I had an underactive thyroid for ten years and the blood test was always near the border for underactive thyroid so I was never treated for it since it was JUST inside the normal range.
    I finally had it slip into the abnormal range on the test and got on thyroid treatment. My depression of 15 years went away and my hair stopped falling out, my skin stopped being like sand paper, and lots of other problems went away.
    That test they do, the TSH test, has the top level set too high so that people who should be on thyroid hormone replacemetn therapy are not treated when they sould be.
    Your friend should try to find a doctor who will give her a prescription for thyroid pills!!!!!
    She sould get a copy of the results of the blood test and see for herself if the results show she is NEAR the border for under active thyroid. That is a very wide range on that TSH test and many feel it is TOO wide a range of normal. Many people show being in the normal range when actually they need to be on thyroid replacemetn therapy.
    The doctor goes only by the TSH test hopefully.
    I could kill that doctor I went to who for years told me my thyroid was normal when I had such awful symptons and was near the cut off point of normal on the TSH test.
    I suffered needlessly for ten years or more.

    There is an EXCELLENT site for your frined and it is on and it is the thyroid forum on there.
    She can and should get her scores from her TSH test and post the results for the other people on that forum to see and they are experts on thyroid problems and will let her know what she should do. I can highly recommend that site! It helped me a lot with my underactive thyroid problem.