What does an ANA diffused and speckled, titers 1:2560 mean and is it at a dangerous level?

I have numbness in my head, an MRI shows inflammation in the head and "something" behind the ear. I have much pressure in the head, with vision and hearing affected. A CAT scan was normal. Could a tumor be causing the inflammation in the head and high ANA count that is not detected by the MRI? I do not have a fever and no sign of infection. I have had thyroid papillary adenocarcinoma which metastisized to the chest.

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  1. how is your mastoid? that's behind your ear and can cause some major issues if you have an infection in the bone.
    What is your CEA level? That would indicate cancer....did you have a PET scan? If you "glow" on the PET, then it's 99% sure to be cancer.

    Good luck, god bless, I'll have my fingers xxd for you, kiddo!