What causes a thyroid to shut down? I have hypothyroidism, and have been put on medication, 2 months ago.?

will I have to take the thyroid medication for the rest of my life? will it ever work on its own? have anyone else had the same problem? what are some answers in lay-mans terms.

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  1. I think it's hereditary, or certainly can be. My sisters both have it and so does my cousin and aunt. I don't know if its true for all thyroid medicines, but they have to take their sbecause the thyroid bacially shuts down after a while.

    Don't take it too hard, though. I don't know anyone who isn't on at least one medication daily. If mother nature had her way we'd all be dead by 30. If anything, feel fortunate that it is an option.
  2. there are many different reasons why someone's thyroid would shut down on them. usually its due to old age. I personally know someone who was diagnosed w/ hypothyroid, and had to take thyroid replacement medication. after awhile, the thyroid medication may increase too much thyroid hormone, and will cause u to become hyperthyroid. so its good to have regular check ups on ur thyroid replacement thereapy. and to answer ur question, sadly to say u will be on medication for the rest of ur life. but dont feel too bad, this is a very common problem that many of us have to face in the golden years of life.