Hypothyroid: Low T3 Uptake, normal TSH and T4 - what does this mean?

My doc decided to put me on Synthroid (50 MICROgrams)today since my mother also has hypothyroidism, and the same type of test results. I have many, many of the usual symptoms associated with hypothyroidism, but didn't get checked until my mother urged me to do so. I am going to see an endocrinologist next month. What do my results mean and is the synthroid going to help?

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  1. I'm on 88 mg.
  2. You will be ok as long as you take your meds and keep your doc informed of any changes/concerns. Your condition is not serious per se, but that does not mean complications will not pop up.
  3. The results mean your thyroid is not producing enough thyroid hormone to keep your body normal Therefore, the replacement hormone (Synthroid) will replace what you are missing. Taking 50 mg. means you have a very slight hypo condition, meaning the thyroid IS producing, but is just not able to keep up with demands.