I need a Hypothyroid doctor in the Raleigh, NC area.?

I need a doctor who's willing to listen when I say it's time to up my meds, and is willing to work with me to help alleviate my symptoms. Preferably one who accepts Celtic insurance. Any other hypothyroids out there have a favorite doctor?

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  1. Just look for an endocrinologist in yrou area. Go to your insurance company's website (celtic-net.com) and search for doctor's on their website so that you know which doctor's take your insurance company. Or you can just look through the yellow pages for endocrinologists and call them one by one to see if they take your insurance. Good luck in finding someone to do the legwork for you.

    Also good luck in finding a doctor who will just up your meds willy nilly. Blood work is more reliable in determing what you TSH levels are and what amount of Synthroid you should be on. Perhaps you need alternating amounts. I've seen patients that were on .050 one day and then .075 the next day and just alternated dosages.
  2. I had my thyroid removed years ago & I see Wake Forest Family Care, but I can not say they will listen on upping your medication but they will run the blood test to see if there needs to be a change if you complain of sympthoms. They have run mine as close as 4 months apart - 2 months is what it takes for the synthroid to get completely into system
    Do not know about insursance I am a BCBS girl.
  3. Look in the yellow pages of the local telephone directory under ENDOCRINOLOGIST.
  4. I have Hypothyroidism too, I just see a family Dr. as its all in regards to a lab test and they give you the medication and the dose accordenly