I'm a 26 year old girl who was diagnosed with hypothyroid about 4 years ago. Can someone tell me if curable?

Does anyone who know about hypothyroid, please advice me. I've moved out -of- state for sometime and now my insurance has expired. I need to visit doctors often for this problem and for prescription drugs. Could you tell me a good insurance in Illinois that I can work with? Presently, I'm not employed.

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  1. http://www.endocrineweb.com/hypo1.html...
  2. it only relives you but not completely curable.
  3. I have hypothyroidism. It's not curable but you can treat it with synthetic thyroid hormone like Levoxyl or Synthroid. The medicine is very cheap, though. I have no insurance and just pay cash for my prescription once a month. I'm on generic and it works great.
  4. Yes, it's curable...as far as I know...they take your thyroid out.

    Girl, get a job that offers insurence and get it done!
  5. Check around and see if there is free clinic for help. Unless your body metabolism changes you will need medicine. There is no cure unless god heals you.
  6. Hypothyroid is very much curable. One of my sister and many of my cousins are suffering with Hypothyroid and they all are well. But they have to take mediccal advise and medicines regulary. You may also take help of Yoga and Reiki. Reiki is very powerful in healing Hypothyroid.
  7. Dear Devi
    Hypothyroidism is curable but u are to take regular medicine for this otherwise it can recur.So it is better to continue your medicines .
  8. Hyperthyroid is sometimes curable, hypothyroidism generally is not. You may be taking medicine for life, but with generic forms of levothyroxine, it shouldn't cost you too much (like Walmart's new $4 prescription plan....)
  9. Hypothyroidism is completely treatable in many patients simply by taking a small pill once a day! Once again, however, we have made a simplified statement and its not always so easy. There are several types of thyroid hormone preparations and one type of medicine will not be the best therapy for all patients. Many factors will go into the treatment of hypothyroidism and it is different for everybody
    Read the complete article at http://www.endocrineweb.com/hypo1.html...