High thyroglobulin level?

Recently, I had a thyroid biopsy on my thyroid nodule and was lucky enough to find no cancer cells present. However, my thyroglobulin level is very high, 679 ng/mL compared to the normal range of 2.0 - 35 ng/mL. I know that other conidtions also cause elevated thyroglobulin level. But a level that is almost 20 times higher that normal makes me worry. Could experts on thyroid disease give me some advices? Thank you very much in advance.

User Comments

  1. Don't know what "thyroglobulin" is. What the other answer was referring to is TSH level, that's thyroid stimulating hormone. Normal range is .5 to 5 which corresponds inversely with thyroid activity.
  2. I don't know if you know this or not but when your thyroid level is high your thyroid is actually low and when it's low it means it's high. I know it makes no sense but it is true. Your Dr can give you meds to take and you will have to take them everyday for the rest of your life. they will help raise or lower your thyroid. Your thyroid controls everything in your body. From hair growth, body heat, moods. It is as important to a body as estrogen is. Please check with your Dr about it.
  3. been dealing with thyroid and had mine removed