Can I take any cold medications while on Synthroid?

I take Synthroid for hypothyroidism, and have a bad cold (cough, runny nose, etc). Every cold medicine I look at says not to take if you have thyroid disease. Does anyone know a cold medicine that is OK to take? (That doesn't interfere with the thyroid medication?) The only one I saw so far was NyQuil tablets.

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  1. It is routine to put those warnings on many medicines. It does not necessarily mean it is going to effect you - however, in these cases the best answer is to talk to your doctor first. I also take Synthroid and have for many years and I use Robittussin or Thera Flu products when I get a cold with no issues.
  2. I would call and ask your doctor or the pharmacist, I also take Synthroid,,, and I use childrens triaminic,,, with no bad side effects,,,, but im not sure if the warnings apply to controlled thyroid disease,,,, or all thyroid conditions,,,, I would think that any childrens medications would be ok ,,,
  3. Hi Kaper37.
    As I know that your Dr. should monitor your dose of Synthroid many times until he decided the best dose for you. Did he do that?
    Synthroid interact with some madications. However, it is hard to say which cold medication you need! You can list all Cold Medications available to use. Then we can compare among them in order to select the safest one.

    What I am saying is Don't take Synthroid with any medication at once, I mean having them together. In general you can take other medication after checking with your Dr. by at least 4 hours before OR after taking Synthroid.

    You can minimize the side effect of NyQuil by taking it with food.

    You have to take Synthroid in the morning on an empty stomach before having your breakfast in at least half an hour. You have to take it with a full glass of water.

    I hope you will be fine soon. Good Luck!
  4. The reason that the medication labels warn you about taking them with hypothyroidism is because people who have hypothyroidism are extrememly sensitive to ANY kind of medication and need to take a much smaller dosage than someone who does not have hypothyroidism. Your doctor will be the one who will be able to tell you if your Synthroid has your thyroid level high enough to be able to take a full dosage of medication or half or quarter of a dosage. You can also ask the pharmacist however, the pharmacist (unless they can pull up your most recent thyroid level on their computer) will not be able to tell you which dosage would be the safest for you.
  5. u don't have thyroid desease.. I actaully asked my endrocrinologist about this one about 2 years ago.. u can take any of the over the counter meds as long as u only have hypothroidism or hyper thyroidism.. feel free to take anything over the coutner for the cold thyroid desease is more along the lines of cycsts on the thyroid but if ur still worried as the pharmacist and they can point u in the right direction