I'm having several situatuions, last night I posted about pimples that I have been getting since on synthroid also I feel so tired, exhausted, no energy It's terrible I never felt like this I mean I have felt tired but, I find it so hard to get out of bed and do my house chores, and I'm regularly on top of everything imagine I am a mother of 5 yr. old triplets it's terrible I need my energy specially for them. Defenitly I'm calling the Doctor today. Have you guy experienced this or is something wrong with me?

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  2. Many who are hypothyroid, who have the symptom of fatigue usually are helped by Armour thyroid.

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  3. Synthroid should not deplete your energy. If you have low thyroid then you would have been feeling lazy. Taking Synthroid would give you back your energy. You might need a higher dose. See what the doctor says. (5 year old triplets is quite the job - no wonder you are tired!)
  4. I take synthroid too and sometimes I feel that way. I also take several other meds, so I hadn't connected it to that. With 3 children, you DO need your energy. I'm 52 and had 3 back surgeries, so my life has slowed anyway. You are right to call the Dr. Good luck.