How long until thyroid medication dosage increase to take effect?

Wondering how many weeks.

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  1. I think it takes about 6 weeks to be fully reflected in a blood test, but may feel changes after a week or so if the dose is correct.

    From the web:
    T4 is slow acting, with a half-life of about one week — after a week, you have about half the level of the T4 still in your body, a week or so later you have half of that half remaining, and so on. Its full effects aren't reached until about six weeks after starting or changing a dose, which is why lab tests are optimally done every six weeks or so until a patient with hypothyroidism has reached satisfactory and stable thyroid hormone levels.
  2. I just had my medication increased and the doctor told me it takes awhile to get the right dosage, she didn't say how long awhile was though, she ordered monthly blood tests for me so I guess it's going to be more than a month. I have been on the stronger meds now for a month an I do feel some difference, I don't appear to be cold all the time.sorry I can't help you more, good luck to you, hope you feel better soon.
  3. For me the first time it took about 10-11 days. With each increase that I've had I notice it a lot sooner cuz I catch my symptoms a lot sooner! Most Endocrinologists say about 2 weeks! I know, it seems like forever before you start to feel it, but once it does, it feels great! Everyone is different but a good rule of thumb is 2 weeks. Hope I helped.
  4. I've been taking thyroid medication since 1982. It takes several weeks before you will notice any changes caused by the medication. If it becomes a real problem, I suggest you talk to your doctor about something supplemental he can give you to help now.