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Children and Thyroid


Children and Thyroid Knowledge Base

Here's my symptoms. I've been to doctors. What do you think?

:00 in the evening, light sleeper (wake at the slightest sound), psoriasis of scalp, allergies, and did I mention obsessed with my bad hair? - bleaching and a straightener broke it off and made it damaged so I now have extensions while it's growing out and don't even like those even though everyone else seems to. I've been tested for hormonal imbalance - some progesterone levels were low but when I got on extra progesterone, my bloatedness and depression seemed to get worse. I was also tested for thyroid problems - they said my levels were low but in the normal range. Should I be tested for Polycystic ovarian syndrome or something else?...

Diabetes, Low Thyroid, Insulin Resistance & Metabolism?

I am actually hypoglycemic and when I got my thyroid levels back, those are out of whack (1st # is normal, but low and 2nd # is REALLY low). I am 5'4" and weigh about 119 lbs, which is my usual weight. Can hyperthyroidism can insulin resistance and screw up the 3 hr glucose test that I did which is why the CNM stated that I am diabetic? And since I have always been hyper, nervous and small of size, would this be a red-flag for the thyroid? Not seeking real medical advice, just trying to organize my thoughts for the first High-Risk OB appointment tomorrow. Any other questions I should ask? PLEASE point out any thing else I should ask about!!...




Hormones Knowledge Base

Are there natural nonprescription alternatives to supplement hormone for thyroidectomy or thyroid surgery?

ng well and was in a good mood. I had to keep having my level increased and when I got up to 2.0 strength I felt like I was wide awake in the middle of the night and couldn’t get to sleep until extremely late. I also became much more irritable as if I had a hormonal imbalance. This time after my blood test my doctor said my level was right, but I feel so much worse. I was wondering if there was something I could do, like go to a lower level and then try to do something in my diet to make up the difference. I also hear that some people respond better to the armour thyroid medicine? Does anyone know anything about these things? Thank you so much....

What does the thyroid do?

e different hormones in the body - but I'm not sure....

Anyone who has had thier thyroid gland removed please answer.?

y Dr. has lowered my dosage of Levothyroxine. Is there one level of thyroid hormone that is right for everyone or should she be paying more attention to how I feel?...




Hypothyroidism Knowledge Base

Is it possible to still be hypothyroid even though you're taking medication and tests come back as normal?

f the symptoms of being hypothyroid, and my doctor seems to think as long as the tests come back normal I'm OK....

Has Hypothyroidism already effected my baby?

weeks of "untreated" hyprothyroidism? I can't find any literature that explains exactly what gestational week damage begins with untreated hypothyroidism. Please help!...




Nodules Knowledge Base

Weight loss with thyroid problem?

lso been eating healthy. I have an nodule (lump) on my thyroid, but I thought all this hard work would help to atleast shed a pound but nothing! Im 20 years old and 175lbs, 5'4''- and my doctors tells me I should be 130lbs. Does anyone have any advice?...

Should I be freaked out over the possibility of thyroid cancer?

I was diagnosed with a nodule on my thyroid and have to go in for a biopsy. How concerned should I be?

Do I have a complusive eating disorder?

ng else does but I don't know how to stop it. Does anyone have any advice for a way to stop my chocolate cravings? something I can do to distract myself. It's driving me mad. The thing is I am gaining more weight than I should be too because I get a lot of exercise, I have been tested for thyroid but awaiting the results. I feel so fat and hideous but that makes me depressed so I eat. Any advice would be so welcome....


Pets and Thyroid


Pets and Thyroid Knowledge Base

Would you call this excessive overcharging?

for CBC w/profile. All together $106.50. All the tests were negative, and I was told if they tests were negative, they'd then do a thyroid test.

Old dog losing hair! Vet is clueless...?

t to check his thyroid and it came back completely normal. The vet said we could also check for cushings (sp?) but its 200 dollars and he thinks it will probably come up negative anyway. Any ideas on what this could be? Do old dogs just go bald like people can?

What to do about cat constantly crying?

stant crying that gets to us all...any help?...


T3 and T4


T3 and T4 Knowledge Base

"Borderline" hyperthyroidism: is it real? And how can I help myself? My Dr. won't?

AL. I'm hoping some folks have insights on that. Now another question...

Am I suffering from Anxiety Neurosis?

and, curiously, left lower limb. I also get a feeling of weakness on entire left side of body. It is accompanied by a sense of build up of panic.Coronory angiography has ruled out any heart related problem. Thyroid tests, conducted 18 months apart, also showed thyronormalcy. (T-3, T-4 & TSH reading of Sep. 2004 & Feb. 2006 respectively, are as follows: T3- 146ng/dL & 97 ng/dL, T4-8.10 µg/dL & 8.79 µg/dL, TSH-4.43 µIU/mL& (2004) & 2.52 µIU/mL. Neurophysician suspects I may be suffering from Anxiety Neurosis. What is this condition? Is it life threatening?...

Question about T3 uptake results?

My daughter is 14 and has had menstrual problems for 2 years. A gyn doctor ordered a thyroid panel. Her first test was August 2005 and she was re-tested Jan. 2007.


Thyroid Medication and Treatment


Thyroid Medication and Treatment Knowledge Base

What would the interaction be on synthroid and zoloft?

Synthroid can interact with a wide variety of medications. It's advisable to check with your doctor before taking any other drug, but you should be especially wary of the following:

I am taking the proper dose of Synthroid, but at times, my heart races.?

weather. Will Inderal helps with this? Has anyone else had this problem? I have has Grave's disease for 11 years....

Has anyone experienced dizziness when being treated for hypothyroid with synthroid?

have been felling dizzy even when I am lying down-the room spins. Synthroid is the only medication I take.


Thyroid Problems


Thyroid Problems Knowledge Base

Thyroid ultrasound?

I was leaving the hospital I passed a room where the radilogist was reading my scan (I heard him say my name and was turning around thinking someone needed me) When I realized he was reading the scan, I of course, hung around. He said it was enlarged but he kept saying "right side, solid mass". Would he use those words to simply describe the thyroid. I thought it was funny that the girl doing the scan stayed on the lower right side, almost under my collarbone, for so long. Thought? I can't call for results until tommorow....

Thyroid Cancer and problems now a year later the Dr. is saying now I have "hyper thyroid?"?

last blood test showed "hyper-thyroid",so she did 2 cat scans, with and without contrast, and took me off the meds for 6 more weeks of waiting in order to have the thyroid uptake scan( ?) also what is this test for? I had it before, but don't know what it is for. The surgeon said he took all of the thryroid except for a little bit for calcium, I am just wondering if anyone in the medical field or have had this would have any answers on reasons why? I have stopped taking all vitamins, etc. just to make sure. I am on presc. meds to help with the depression and my panic/anxiety, thats not new to me, but thats why I made an appt. with my Dr. because I couldn't sleep, my nerves are shot! Dr. stated it was papulary cancer, a piece of the thyroid was in lymp node in my neck.

Hi, I got a thyroid problem?

I am on thyroxine and would like to know, if anyone has ever taken this, if so did it make you feel ill at all or did it help you with your thyroid prblem, let me know.


Thyroid Symptoms and Causes


Thyroid Symptoms and Causes Knowledge Base

Sea kelp? thyroid issues please help?

me lexapro and after 2 pills I threw them away(id rather deal with the anxiety than the side affects). My question is, can a thyroid issues cause anxiety/depression. I used to take 2 sea kelp iodine pills a night(1 before my work out and 1 after) im thinking this was too much or maybe too little. I’ve stopped taking them for about 2 months now and that’s exactly when the symptoms began...

Older cat going downhill suddenly with illness?

wobbly than usual. The vet did a test of the fluid (this is slowly poisoning her body!) and we knew it wouldn't be good news. Charlie has cancerous lump & I think an operation would not be best thing for her (unless anyone has experience of this and knows better?) At the moment she can slowly get to her litter tray, and she's also eating a little and drinking. I hug her a lot and she still purrs...but has anyone had this happen to their cat and what is the next stage likely to be? I wouldn't want her to get stressed if she can't get to the litter tray on time or she starts being sick...would it be better to put her to sleep before it gets to that stage, or only WHEN it gets worse for her...oh crikey, this is horrible, so please, any advice from anyone would be most appreciated....

Question about preganancy.....?

This is a question for women or anyone in the medical field...


Underactive thyroid


Underactive thyroid Knowledge Base

Getting pregnant w/ an underactive thyroid?

Anyone have any similar experiences? Thanks!...

Could my miscarriages be due to an under active thyroid?

he symptoms listed for Hypothyoidism. The OB doctor keeps insisting it is just a freak thing that is happening for no apparent reason. What do you think?...

How do I treat my underactive thyroid?

the meantime as I am always tired, feeling run down. Also have high blood pressure and am on medication for that....