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Children and Thyroid


Children and Thyroid Knowledge Base

Has anyone had problems with their thyroid & what kind of questions should I ask my doctor?

hat early in my family as well. I've been having problems w/ my period for a while & feeling tired all the time. My GYN said that tests showed that my thyroid is producing what my body needs but is working too hard to do it. My sister had 1/2 of hers removed in 2005. What should I make sure I discuss w/ my doctor? Please share your experiences with me....

Over Active Thyroid?

s treatment and if so how long did you have to stay away from people and young children for ?...




Hormones Knowledge Base

No Ovaries, No Thyroid. My Mom Needs Your Help.?

No Ovaries, No Thyroid. My Mom Needs Your Help.?

What natural(non-drug) way is there to help adrenals and thyroid glands to produce hormones(I am 65Plus)?

to wipe me out without real help.I am under doctor's care but no good results yet....

What can you do naturally to enhance your thyroid hormone production?

meds and said next time I came in he would recheck and decide what to take. Now... I have lost my insurance which means I cant PAY for a prescription nor GO SEE a doctor as I am BROKE.... I have to take care of my kids and dont have $175 + whatever the new blood work would cost to have done.. Any serious suggestions would be appreciated. I just cant bare the weight gain any longer.. I have gained around 60lbs in a year and a half......




Hypothyroidism Knowledge Base

Can hypothyroid be passed through family?

My mother has hypothyroid, and I wonder if it can be gentically passed through to children

I have hypothyroidism and I'm alleric to iodine...?

Is this common? I have read that iodine rich foods can help but I'm allergic to iodine. Can this be a cause for getting hypothyroidism?

Hypothyroid: Looking for a Homeopathic remedy.?

& talking with whoever crosses my path. I feel there is a correlation between adrenals & hormones effecting the thyroid. If, anyone has any info. about their own journey & what has helped, I would greatly appreciate it. I know, there are some natural alternative but I haven't tried any. thanks...




Nodules Knowledge Base

Possibility of Cancer or what?

I was adviced to get a sonogram of my thryoid done. My doctor told me the results today and I guess I kinda blanked-out when he said to check if its benign or not.

Sick for 3 months plus, doctors can't find cause can you suggest?

Started with swollen feet, ankles, very painful joints all over.

What is wrong with me?

negative. About 9 years ago I had been having some thyroid problems but everything was fine up until now. I noticed that I have another lump (nodule) in my neck due to hypothyroidism. Do you guys think that this could be a reason I can't get pregnant. Or could it be that I am pregnant and the thyroid problems are causing the hcg levels to increase slowly? I don't know what it could be, but everyone's opinion is greatly appreciated....


Pets and Thyroid


Pets and Thyroid Knowledge Base

Nothing has helped me lose weight...?

I am 21 year old female and currently weigh about 175 when two years ago I weighed 135 and I'd like to get back down to that weight.

Is there no cure for thyroid (dogs)?

sensitive and turning reddish, in such a way that, it cannot move. It became so weak from past one month! Firstly its four paws got badly infected, then the inner part of the both ears...then its lips.. we are using Ofloxacin 0.1% w/w,minoconazole Nitrate I.P 2.0% w/w,Clobetasol Propionate B.P 0.025% w/w, Base q.s lotion,which is a Anti Fungal,Anti Bacterial and Anti Inflammatory. This Lotion is temporarily curing the infected, but in the very next few days...another body extremity (may be ears, lips etc) are getting infected!! Local Doctors say that there is no cure for this!!

What is the proper dosage of thyroid replacement hormone for cats?

placement meds. They are not working and I do not now what to do. I am looking for a miracle. Can you help me?...


T3 and T4


T3 and T4 Knowledge Base

Am having thyroid. here are my test report values. am 19 years old.anyone experienced it.?

am having thyroid. here are my test report values. am 19 years old.anyone experienced it.?


Thyroid Medication and Treatment


Thyroid Medication and Treatment Knowledge Base

Symptoms of thyroid problems?

can you take diet pills when you are on thyroid medication?

I'm scared to take synthroid, any advise for me?

ur.. I saw the doc today and she said maybe it was the generic one so she wants me to start synthroid.. I'm so scared what my reaction would be she said it was the lowest dosage .025mcg... Has anyone had any bad reactions with synthroid?...


Thyroid Problems


Thyroid Problems Knowledge Base

Thyroid, high TSH levels?

hat l eat.My doctor has put me on medication for an under active thyroid,although l do not have any of the symptions realiting to this thyroid problem,l am a 55 yr old female.Healthy and with lots of energy.l also have had an ultra sound and exrays all indicate under active thyroid.lnterseted in your comments.Thank you....

Thyroid problem?

;t. Can anyone give me any insight to what can be there besides your thyroid....

Whats the easiest way to lose 4 stone baby weight gain by May with an under active thyroid problem?

got no confidence to go to the gym by myself. I have a few pieces of exercise equipment but no motivation. I have also recently been diagnosed with an serverly under active thyroid. Any tips, ideas anything to do with anything mentioned above would be a great help....


Thyroid Symptoms and Causes


Thyroid Symptoms and Causes Knowledge Base

Can a removal of 50 % of my thyroid cause me to have half of my face become numb and noise in my ears for 2 ye

It has been two years , and my condition has not changed . Iam in pain constanily rose cucuzza

When you have blood drawn for a hormone test will that tell me if I ovulate?

these tests tell me if I am able to have a baby? My doctor wasnt very clear about it (I'm trying to switch, he's not very good). But I am so worried that I can't have kids. I am 22 years old and have all the physical signs of ovulation. Has anyone else had this problem?...


Underactive thyroid


Underactive thyroid Knowledge Base

Anyone who has underactive thyroid.......?

adams apple looks larger and feels larger for a 26 year old female and very moody....

Does any have a underactive thyroid?

any advice on how to deal with them and loose weight instead of not eating at all

My husband has an underactive thyroid.what is the top dose you can be given to control it,he takes eltroxin?

what changes should he make to his diet,and what exercise should he be doing.