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Children and Thyroid


Children and Thyroid Knowledge Base

I am 29 and I have an extremely low amount of energy.?

Please no smart *ss comments, I have children and I want to become a better mother to them!...

Thyroid issues, do they get in the way of conceiving?

f I am having periods, then I should be able to have a child. We have been married for 17 years and still we have not had a child of our own.

I have been trying to fall pregnant after having thyroid cancer?

child and im sick of getting dissapointed?...




Hormones Knowledge Base

I had part of my thyroid removed over 30 years ago. Do I need to take hormones?

During the past 30 years, I have been treated for various forms of depression.

I have a thyroid condition called grave's disease it's making me crazy...........?

grave's is throwing my hormones out of whack I anxiety,and panic attacks insomnia,and depression do u think it will go away if I have my thyroid taken out.




Hypothyroidism Knowledge Base

Pregnancy, Hypothyroidism, Birthmarks?

. He came out 9 lb and 3 oz. With apgar scores of 9 and 9. I was very relieved, after reading all that junk on the internet, about what can all go wrong. Well, he was born with strok bites on his face and back of his neck. No big deal, he is otherwise healthy. Besides, they fade with time. The only one you can see now, is the one on his neck. Well, when I got him out of the bath tonite, I noticed on his butt and the back of his leg, little spots. Only 2. I looked them up, and sure enough they are Cafe au lait birthmarks. Does anybody have any experience with these? Should I let his peditrician know? Could they possibly have been caused by my being hypothyroidism while being pregnant? PLease let me know....

I have hypothyroid. my levels are fine but ..?

gaining weight. what Appetite supp. can I take safely? Doc won't help. I have begged even. I am always hungery. I try my best to no eat but so very hard.

What exactley does being hypothyroid mean?

er and im wondering if that is linked to me not having a thyroid....




Nodules Knowledge Base

Food feeling stuck in chest-possible thryoid cancer - something else?

ancer that I took anti anxiety pills, but now stopped. Took some trazadone to sleep but now stopped. I was getting sharp chest pains and felt food sticking in my throat halfway down in esophoges. So, I started prilosec thinking I might have GERD. Could stress cause GERD? Well, the chest pains are gone, but the food stuck in my throat feeling is still there. So, then I thought that was from the possible thyroid cancer. So I asked my endicrinologist and he said they are not related. So, I am at a loss what this is from. I am so freaked out I have cancer and it has spread down my esophages from my thyroid. Anyone know what this is from? Also, other symptom since this all started is morning congestion every morning. Never had that before either. (2 months now) Please help me?...

Quick question about eating disorders or thyroid problems?

ing to drink like a bottle of water, after a few drinks I'm not hungry anymore? im not sure whats wrong with me, if anything? im only 19, fairly fit, but slowly gaining a little weight, and thats a puzzling question to? idk if maybe I have a eating disorder or if its a thyroid problem, which my mother had problems with... plz help!!!...

Bipolar Disorder? General doc. made new diagnosis without telling me?

s all over my living/kitchen and they were eating my dead cat-She's alive in real life-I called my doc and left a message with his nurse. I had to reschedule an appt. w/ a new psych. b/c they had no info on me after I waited a mth. and a half to see him, they lost info on me. I went to my gen. doc. to tell him what happened. He put me on 80mg of Geodon and 200mg of Lamictal, that's all I'm taking along w/ thyroid horm. He said what happened to me was an "episode". On the med. form that u give to the receptionist, "acute psychosis" and the presc. had "for BAD/Schizo Affective Disorder". Who knows what this means? Did he change my diagnosis w/out telling me? This episode scared my husband. I was screaming at him to kill the maggots. He didn't know what to do. Call 911 if this happens again?Advice?...


Pets and Thyroid


Pets and Thyroid Knowledge Base

Im fat?! I weigh 101lb and I cant lose more?!?

started this diet I had lost 5lb in 4 days (seriously) I was 106 and I got to 101 and now I am 100 but I have not lost after that its been 4 days now.. why is this?

My dog woke up in the middle of the night panting, or breathing really hard, whta's the problem?

, is in thyroid meds, but her thyroid level isn't that low. Is this something I should be concerned about?...

Why are there so many doctors out there without a clue about thyroid disorders?

and my doc said I was "normal" I knew something was wrong with me (hmmm, hair falling out, cold, sick as a dog, tired, so confused it was hard for me to drive, etc) so I bugged and bugged him, I finally had to get an endo to talk to him, found out I have Hashi's ... if I wasn't persistent, I'd be in bed right now wondering why I was so sick, he probably would have put me on Prozac thinking I was depressed. People, if your doctor says a TSH of over 3 is normal, argue, kick and scream if you have to, it may be uncomfortable and awkward, but you will thank yourself in the long run....


T3 and T4


T3 and T4 Knowledge Base

Thyroid problems frustrated?

o I went to see an endocrin. Test came back t4 and t3 were normal but my thyroid antibodies are elevated. She wants to see me in six months. Oh I had an ultrasound as well and results were enlarged diffusely abnormal thyroid, no discrete or dominant thyroid nodule. Anyways my frustration is I didnt have any symptoms prior going to the doctor. Now I sometimes feel like I have a lump in my throat and is hard to swollow. I am thinking this is more from anxiety because I have didnt have this prior to knowing. Am I just suppose to wait 6 months until my throid is completely distroyed? Should I just wait 6 months and see what happens or should I get a second opinion....

A thyroid gland problem can anybody help?

I had my thyroid hormones checked.


Thyroid Medication and Treatment


Thyroid Medication and Treatment Knowledge Base


iet and exercise but for any synthroid users did it facilitate the process?...

Does euthyrox=synthroid?

For severe hypothyroid?

Can being off synthroid medicine for three days cause sudden depression and overeating?

I've been eating a lot. Will this get better once I get back on my thyroid medicine?...


Thyroid Problems


Thyroid Problems Knowledge Base

Why is my T4 level high when my diagnosis is Hypothyroidism?

r 5 years, now all of the sudden I am once again in a hyperthyroid state. My TSH level was 0.01 uIU/mL, my T4 was 1.72 ng/dL, and my White Blood Cell Count was 4,100 (may/may not be related). My doctor lowered my dose to 100 mcg. I think that I was under a great deal fo stress both times when the dosages needed to be lowered. When I asked why my dose needed to be lowered my doctor said that I must be making my thyroid hormone now than I was previously. Is this possible, or could their be another answer? I am not totally satisfied with my doctor's answer....

Thyroid and hives?

taking synthroid, but the huge problem is I still have the hives, I went 2 a allergy doc and told me its called chronic urctaria, its very bad now and now I get the hives when im hott, nervous, stress, and excited, my hives hurt really bad I quit college cuz of this, cant even go outside, im taking zyrtec and rantitide for the hives, but my thyroid isnt leveled yet, I just wanna know if its any relationship between thyroid and chronic urctaria?...

My mom had low thyroid and my brother has low thyroid.?

I am 31 and gaining weight like crazy could this be inherited. How do you check your thyroid. Is all thyroid test accurate? How much weight can you gain having low thyroid without being treated?


Thyroid Symptoms and Causes


Thyroid Symptoms and Causes Knowledge Base

Severe leg cramps? What could cause them to last longer than 30 minutes other than thyroid or diabetes?

I mean not just at night, during the day all the time! They are debilatating almost. Any good remedies?

Can my bunny cure my thyroid?

whenever my thyroid causes me pain (stress) and I keep my bunny rabbit close to my neck, it stops


Underactive thyroid


Underactive thyroid Knowledge Base

TSH levels and underactive thyroid, what's your target?

who had their dr increase their hormone replacement to suppress TSH below 3? How do you feel, side effects etc? And if you want to say what do you take, synthroid, cytomel, other? BTW I am diagnosed Hashimoto's and am currently on 100mcg synthroid, I suspect I need more because I feel like crap all the time but am otherwise healthy. My Dr. thinks "normal is normal" so she won't raise my medicine. My TSH is 4.97....

Does anyone here know what the role of the thyroid is in weight gain/loss?

One of my friends was recently told that he had an under-active thyroid, and it was one of the reasons that he had trouble losing weight. What sort of solutions are there for under-active thyroids?