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Children and Thyroid


Children and Thyroid Knowledge Base

How long can someone live who is diagnosed with thyroid cancer?

n. She is a very optimistic gal and lives life to the fullest. But somehow, I am concerned for her. I don't know how long she will have to live (as in the case of other cancer patients) and would want to spend more qualtiy time with her and make up for the times that were lost....

Living With My Wife and her Bipolar. Anyone have experience living with a spouce who has bipolar.?

fe has had an “episode” leading her to believing she’s being drugged, starved, abused and that “they’- meaning the world, have a conspiracy against her. On both occasions the outcome of her delusions has led her to believe that I was the “bad guy”. She has a long history of blaming nearly everyone close to her of doing the above mentioned things to her. The last episode led her to filing for a divorce, making false allegations against me in an effort to take our child from my care. The Courts didn’t fall for it for long. I have sole decision making and primary guardianship of our child. A year later we decided that we could make another go of our relationship. My wife is in treatment and on medication. My question is: Can anyone offer advice for a Dad juggling responsibility. Our child is first and foremost, my wife second and Dad last when possible. My wife is still cycling about every four to six weeks and is now leaving our home at odd hours of the night and coming home around bar closing time. In the past she caused disturbances during her manic cycle. Now she leaves. I love my wife guys. I don’t know how to handle these issues. She weighs about 100lbs dripping wet....




Hormones Knowledge Base

I had my Thyroid taken out due to cancer, Anyone been there?

#39;t be around anyone for any real length of time. I just started the thyroid hormones. I have been having headaches a lot!! I have heard about hair loss, what kind of hair loss? Still feeling tired. I know everyone is different, but I was just wondering if anyone else has been there and still on-going problems and what to do about them. The nurse told me for the rest of my life I will have to have a blood test every 6 weeks!! Any other symtoms anyone else had that I can look for?, and what to do for them besides from a Dr's view. I have looked on web sites, but I would like to hear some answers from anyone who has gone through this.

No Ovaries, No Thyroid. My Mom Needs Your Help.?

has completely put her hormone system into major craziness. She has gained a large ammount of weight despite diet and taking care of her body. I need someone who knows about hormonal weight gain, due to no thryoid and no ovaries. This has been difficult, and she just wants to get her weight down. Any ideas? Anybody who has had both removed?...

Thyroid stimulating hormone(TSH)?

I'm 23 yrs/female my TSH test says 0.05 I would like to know what does this mean n how does affect my health




Hypothyroidism Knowledge Base

Hypothyroidism and Vocal Abilities?

hat I dont have the vocal range I used to. I was reading somewhere that this could be contributed to my hypothyroidism. I was wondering if by taking the correct dosage of medication, if I will be able to gain that range again or if it is permanently damaged?...

Is a rash a common symptom of hypothyroidism?

tions and it went away. Within the last week it has redeveloped and is much bigger. I hesitate to call it a rash because it seems to be more like dry skin but it does have a rash like appearence to it. I am wondering if my medication needs to be adjusted for my hypothyroidism or what is going on. Please help!...

Hypothyroidism and Vocal Abilities?

hat I dont have the vocal range I used to. I was reading somewhere that this could be contributed to my hypothyroidism. I was wondering if by taking the correct dosage of medication, if I will be able to gain that range again or if it is permanently damaged?...




Nodules Knowledge Base

Going back to my thyroid question in better detail.?

y doctor. They found 2 nodules on my thyroid but said they were too small to do anything about....

Thyroid disorder?

e a reason to this? I am 28 yrs female is FYI. Please help me....

Thyroid problems, and immune disorders?

essed up, and I fear doctors. What are some things I should ask the doctors? Does anyone here have grave's disease? Thanks for any help. ~Rosanne~...


Pets and Thyroid


Pets and Thyroid Knowledge Base

Why does a cat urinate in large quantities?

Apricot is 15 years old and has been urinating a lot for a few months. The vet said it was a thyroid problem but medication did not help.

Can a 15 year old cat overcome mild kidney failure?

er weight, and is going bald.


T3 and T4


T3 and T4 Knowledge Base

Am having thyroid. here are my test report values. am 19 years old.anyone experienced it.?

am having thyroid. here are my test report values. am 19 years old.anyone experienced it.?

Thyroid Levels - anyone familiar?

times which equals time missed from work for me. If anyone can lend any info I would appreciate it. Thanks...

Why are these hormones important to the maintenance of homeostasis?

I'm doing the gland thyroid and parathyroid. The hormones are... t4, t3, calcitonin, and parathryroid hormone. Why are these hormones important to the maintenance of homeostasis?


Thyroid Medication and Treatment


Thyroid Medication and Treatment Knowledge Base

Does anyone else think Synthroid doesn't completely work for them?

I am just wondering if anyone else still suffers symptoms of hypothyroidism even though they are taking their medication properly and their tests are coming back in the normal range.

Lithium and Synthroid?

supervision of my doctor. What was previously thought to be bipolar disorder was most likely emotional imbalance due to alcoholism and drug use. I have been clean and sober 9 months and during my last visit to the doctor I asked him if my bipolar symptoms were drug related and if I could stop taking the lithium to find this out. I have had no bipolar episodes since I've stopped taking it but my energy level is the lowest it has ever been. It literally feels like I cannot move at times. Is this due to stopping the lithium, the synthroid or both? Will my energy level eventually return to normal without MORE medication?


Thyroid Problems


Thyroid Problems Knowledge Base

My friend may have a possible thyroid problem. I need detailed answers on thyroid problems. Can anyone help?

s of curing without frequent visits to a doctor or hospital. and what are the symptoms of a thyroid problem. I need detailed answers so please don't just say I should ask a doctor. I'm looking for an alternative for my friend instead of her needing to go in every month to have blood drawn. Any assistance in pointing me to an alternative would be greatly appreciated, but please do not reply to say I should just ask a doctor and please try to give as much detail or a link to a related web page that might have more information. I want to thank any and everyone who can offer me assistance....

Thyroid Cancer Healing Time?

tion. Still she has been having major memory problems. She lives about 35 minutes from my house. Last week she was on her way to my house and forgot where she was going. She goes to a senior citizen center once a week. Last week my aunt had to remind her how to get there 3 times. My mother is 59yrs old. This is becomming severly depressing for her. My question is could this still be affects from the cancer and treatments or does it sound like something else is going on with her? Does anyone have any information?...

Thyroid problem?

does thyroid problem make you tend to drink much more and pee much more? what can cuase you to drink more and pee more and feel better?


Thyroid Symptoms and Causes


Thyroid Symptoms and Causes Knowledge Base

What, other than simply being out of shape, causes a high resting heart rate?

ave done cardio from 30 minutes to an hour at least 6 times a week for the last 6 months and figured that would help lower my resting heart rate but it hasn't budged at all. My doctor ruled out thyroid abnormalities. I'm thinking my adrenals may be out of whack. Any ideas?...

I thought most thyroid problems caused wt gain but.....?

I am losing thinning, wt has me down one whole size, skin dry, loss of appetite though but no other symptoms.....I am on thyroid medicine. Thyroid or just the not eating so much?

Can diet pills ruin your thyroid?

can taking prescription diet pills like phentermine cause thyroid disorders?


Underactive thyroid


Underactive thyroid Knowledge Base

I have Thyroid Problems, and feel like all my energy is gone. Can't Loose Weight. Help?

ept my 2 grandsons, 6yrs and 2yrs. I am 58 and shouldn't feel this bad all the time. I ache all over. And this is a daily thing. Is there anything I can do for this, I am loosing special moments with my grandchildren. And it is causing other problems, I can't remember things. I have always handled all business and household business myself, and I can't seem to do any of it anylonger.This is causing searious problems for me and my family. Appreciate any advise from someone who has been where I am now. Thanks so much....

Underactive Thyroid?

Has anyone personally suffered from this? What symptoms have you had? Has medication made you feel 100% again?

Under active thyroid?

Does thyroxine help with the symptoms particularly weight gain and fatigue.