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Children and Thyroid


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How long can someone live who is diagnosed with thyroid cancer?

n. She is a very optimistic gal and lives life to the fullest. But somehow, I am concerned for her. I don't know how long she will have to live (as in the case of other cancer patients) and would want to spend more qualtiy time with her and make up for the times that were lost....

From all the doctors which one makes the most?

psychiatrist - mental health

I went to the doctor and found out I had a underactive thyroid (hypo) what do they do to treat it?

st wondering if you know what they will do about it. The doctor told me I will have to take medication for it the rest of my life. I am a 23 year old female and I am also borderline anemic. I weigh 98 pounds, which I have always been small all my life. I have a 3 year old, and I still haven't gainned any weight from having a child. I am under alot of stress adn the doctor to ld me I have a rapid heartbeat also, so I don't know if that has to do with you stress or with the thyroid. I am really worried as to what they will do. Please if anyone has delt with a hyp underactive thyroid before please tell me as to what you had to do to treat it. thanks!...




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Does hormone drugs impact thyroid drugs?

My hormone drug has made me more tried than usual which is not hard with a underactive thryroid my has any one else had similar problems




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Hypothyroid experience?

0 and I still feel like crap. so, I wonder anyone elses experience w/ this. also, what meds did you take and how did they work, how long till you felt GOOD. anyone take Armor, how was that? Thanks for reading this...

Anyone have a hypothyroid?

Is it harder to lose weight, and if so, are there any helpful hints?

Looking for info on Hypothyroidism?

I am looking for information about hypothyroidism. Signs and symptoms, types of testing, types of medications used to treat this. Any info or links will be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.




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Hair texture change?

othing like what my normal hair is/was. What the heck happened to me. How could my whole head of hair change due to anything in 5 weeks? Isn't your hair "dead" after it leaves your head so that it couldn't change my whole head of hair because of getting off drugs or thyroid disorder? I didn't use anything on my hair different and menopause wouldn't change ALL of my hair! I need advise and HELP - will my hair be this kind of hair forever -? I have to wet it down every day because its texture is totally different, how could this happen? Anybody experience this?...

What is the long term effect of having a hormonal imbalance?

ually normal. My doctor advised me to take contraceptive pills but I've tried a number of brands but they mostly cause me headaches so I chose to stop taking it, that is, choosing heavy periods over headache.I just want to know the long term effect if I'll let it be....

Is there a natural diuretic that is low-sugar, no caffeine (at all) for a medically complicated individual?

wed her (she will not put me on medication because it may damage kidneys). I cannot eat enough celery in a day to make a difference in the swelling. Any suggestions please?


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How Much Should I be Feeding My Dog>>>>>>?

he gets about 30-45 minutes of exersize about 5-6 days a week. She also does agility every sunday.

Vet dog health issues?

e only overweight of my dogs but she is losing some hair and she is the only one with like a flat back....

Can a 15 year old cat overcome mild kidney failure?

er weight, and is going bald.


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I have low thyroid but when I take levothroxl .75mg, like?

rvous breakdown and the doctors do not understand why? I can't handle it. But they tell me if I stay trying to live with low thyroid the rest of my life it will cause more problems than you can imagine. My T4 is 0.87 and my TSH is 12.6. Looks to me like they need to check my T3 also before putting me on any kind of medication. does anyone have any suggestions? At my witts in. My mother had low thyroid, my daughter has it so it, so it seems to be hereditary. My daughter has it so bad she looses her hair if she doesn't take her medicine, but the medicine doesn't bother her, what bothers her is if she doesn't take it....

Thyroid Lab results (Hashi's) - can someone help answer?

I have Hashimoto's and just had some lab work done. Here are the results:


Thyroid Medication and Treatment


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Hyperactive Thyroid Gland symptoms and damages muscles.?

I was diagnosed with a Hyperactive Thyroid Gland when I was 14...


Thyroid Problems


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Thyroid "shot" in my male cat?

ore "noticable" due to 4 pound weight loss. Temp was fine, everyhting else seemed okay too. Vet said his last blood work from May 06 had elevated thyroid readings and at this point vet thinks his thyroid is shot. He will have blood work result on Wednesday and has put him on a daily pill. If that doesn't work he will adjust the meds as needed. My question is...I have never heard of a cat having a thyroid problem. Anyone have any experience with this? I've had cats all my life - this is a first!...

When you have a thyroid problem does that make you gain weight?

Well I feel like I have gain just recently because I have some kind of health problem. So I went to the doctor and he said that my thyroid was not normal so he took some blood.

Thyroid question?

e grown but what if they didn't and my thyroid is still functioning okay do I have to have an ultrasound every 6 months? I have been putting off going back for my ultrasound because I don't like going to doctors but I know it is important to go. Can I have these nodules forever and it not effect my thyroid function or will these nodules eventually tear the thyroid down?...


Thyroid Symptoms and Causes


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Can my bunny cure my thyroid?

whenever my thyroid causes me pain (stress) and I keep my bunny rabbit close to my neck, it stops

Mom to daughter problems ?

I'm goin to go to a friends house or somethin. she always gets it wrong :(. she's total asian man she knows like really lil english ! I feel embarassed & she has like. thyroid disease and early signs of arthirtitis I think from what I hear.. I am her only daughter and my brothers they don't won't help her.. :( so I always got to help her. sometimes I feel like sucha biatch I don't help her out enough or I am just bein` too much like I get what I want too much or somethin (is it bad to be spoiled?) well I felt guilty so I cleaned her benz.. I was just wonderin' what should I do to get close wit' my mom and the whole illness thing .. = /...

What causes an enlarged thyroid besides hormones and how is it taken care of?

y go about helping me. does it involve surgery? can it be frixed with medication if its not hormonal?...


Underactive thyroid


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Over active or under active?

I had a thyroid test done and my results came back 21.62. The nurse that called with the results said that 'normal' was .325 - 5.50.

How to treat under active thyroid problem naturally?

I want to try a natural treatment if possible before going to prescribed meds since they most of the time make matters worse.

Blood test query?

I have to have a blood test to check for under active thyroid,what exactly is an under active thyroid