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Children and Thyroid


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Is "consensus science" always correct?

"consensus opinion" from the medical community, including the American Dental Association, was that fluoride was a poison, and that laws should be enacted to remove as much of it as possible from our food and water supplies. So what changed? The latest report from the NRC (a research arm of the National Academy of Sciences) is now saying as little as 4 parts per million of the stuff can cause thyroid problems, osteoarthritis, and possibly even osteosarcoma in male children, if consumed over a long period of time. In other words, it looks like the pendulum is swinging back to the notion that fluoridation is NOT "safe and effective" after all. Other substances like leaded gasoline, ddt, and most recently Celebrex, have also fallen by the wayside. So why do the media still invoke "consensus science" so often?...

Did anyone pregnant with Under-active thyroid disease?

both.I never got any heavier than 9 stone with each of them but this time Im 8 weeks pregnant and 11 stone before Ive even begun to gain pregnancy weight. I am treated for my thyroid with 150mg of thyroxine daily.I know my levels are most likely to need adjusting whilst pregnant (they have already risen now) but im just worried about excessive weight gain as us people with thyroid disease dont find it easy to loose it because of our slow metabolism!!...

What can I do to realine my hormons without taking persciption medication?

sting and perscriptions. I just want to lose thes pesky 30lbs that wont go away after it litterly showed up over night. the doctors said it would just go away the same way it came and well I waited for a while then tried dieting and extersizing everyday for at least an hour at the gmy sometimes longer and sometimes burning more than I ate that day and still I got zero results. my eyebrows have been falling out, my skin is getting red and puffy, and I'm tired of hating my body because I miss my old clothing that I can't fit into. I think there is a fruit of herbal remedy that re-alines hormons when they become unbalanced but I don't remember what it was, so if someone could please help and let me know?...




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Is jaundice another side effect of hyperthyroidism ?

and she became more jaundice a monthh after that she was treated a higher dose of Radio Active Iodine and still under observation till this time. Whats unusual is her being jaundice even she is negative for hepa A and B, and other liver laboratory exams. Doctors claimed that it could be a side effect of Hyperthyroidism...."could be" is hard for us parents of a 16 yrs old girl who should be enjoying her youth but now just stayed at home because whenever shes out, people staring and staying away from her thinking she have a communicable disease or hepatitis. Experts or anyone who had the same case please help me or explain to me her case for our peace of mind....My greatest fear is that my mother died of liver cancer!.........




Hypothyroidism Knowledge Base

My mom has hypothyroid and she is losing alot of hair..its also making her hair dry and feeling rough..?

what should she do? anything to do to help it grow and be smooth again?

Do hypothyroid medicines have some side effect? can one take it even if blood reports show no thyroid?

are normal and show no hypothyroidism. I am also showing symptoms of hirutism. but nothing comes in reports. what do I do ? should I start my medicine again?...

Hypothyroid? Should hair grow back when therapy kicks in?

I have hypothyroid disease and one of the symptoms is hair loss - been on meds for a few years and the hair loss isn't getting much better.




Nodules Knowledge Base

Thyroid Disorder?

If you have had a FreeT4 test done, how long did it take for the lab to get your results back.

Is Hemochromatosis really the #1 genitic disorder?

fibromyaliga? A simple old fashioned bleed could fix it....

Can someone explain this?

mom wont get me an appt. unless I can find a feasible reason as to why I should go.


Pets and Thyroid


Pets and Thyroid Knowledge Base

Am I losing my mind?

er and depression. however I am lightheaded or in a fog all the time. Sometimes I wonder if I am slowly losing my mind. I am sensitive to light and see auras sometimes. I feel off balanced and have been known to have vertigo, developed a nystagmus too. I often wonder if I am losing my mind. I have no motivation really. They put me on zoloft, I ve been on it for 3 weeks. It has made my Raynauds go away as well as most panic attack and some of the depression. But I feel zoned, tired, and lack motivation. I am seeing a shrink and my doctor. They want to switch me to Effexor but I am afraid! Am I losing my mind?...

My Grandma's cat's weight problem.?

lost an ounce. I'm very worried about her. Her measurments are as follows, she is 24 inches long from her nose to the base of her tail, her circumference is 17 and 1/2 inches, and she's a medium sized cat. However please do not answer something like "Don't feed her at all that'll do it!" Because I do not find that funny, nor do I find helpful. Adult mature opinons would be most apperciated....

Overweight Senior dog with thyroid condition?

dies, food,soaks anything to help her I want her to live as long as possible...


T3 and T4


T3 and T4 Knowledge Base

Thyroid Levels - anyone familiar?

times which equals time missed from work for me. If anyone can lend any info I would appreciate it. Thanks...

Why am I getting lower leg bone pain especially the the joint near the kneecap.?

pain is like something hard hitting on my leg and I can't sleep.I can't feel where is the exactly part which having this pain and I only can answer--lower leg.


Thyroid Medication and Treatment


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Pimples? Could synthroid cause this?

e here a pimple there. Like my arms, legs ,face it's weird cause even when I was going through puperty I never ever had not 1 pimple could this be normal?Also I have lost 16 lbs since I started synthroid I'm happy about that, well I have been exercising and eating very healthy to, but I did this before I started on sythroid and I actually struggle to get 1 lbs off me....


Thyroid Problems


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Thyroid problem, only serious answers?

My TSH level showing 10.23U Iu/ml, normal range as per the lab report is 0.030-4.70.


can someone share there expercience with me? I'm sooooooooooooo nervious?

Thyroid Medication!!!?

her, so I'm sure he is on the strongest meds they have. I have not confronted her about this but when I do I want to be perpared. What kind of damage could this do besides unhealthy weight loss...


Thyroid Symptoms and Causes


Thyroid Symptoms and Causes Knowledge Base

Is it a bad sign if my doctor wants to get clarification from the pathologist regarding my biopsy?

I have large thyroid nodules, a swollen neck, hoarse voice.... nervous about biopsy

I'm losing too much weight. HELP please?

I'm still breast feeding my one year old. My weight was 117 for quite a while after pregnancy.

No real period in 3 months? Negative HPT.?

Ok, I'm new to this, so bear with me. I'm going to call my doc later, but wanted to know if anyone else has been through this.


Underactive thyroid


Underactive thyroid Knowledge Base

Alternatives to weight reduction surgery?

My husband went to see a specialist in the Roux-en-Y

Anyone one out there with underactive thyroid and bipolar?

'm on risperadol for hallucinations & get very confused that I'm not ill ad every thing in my head is true...

Does anyone here know what the role of the thyroid is in weight gain/loss?

One of my friends was recently told that he had an under-active thyroid, and it was one of the reasons that he had trouble losing weight. What sort of solutions are there for under-active thyroids?