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Children and Thyroid


Children and Thyroid Knowledge Base

Obsessive tendencies - why would a man stay w/ & love a woman who has an imbalance that makes her this way?

my boyfriend, who says I am the one, are talking. He has a daughter. Wouldn't a man be wary of exposing a child to this kind of thought process? One detail - his wife died 7 years ago because she did not talk about her problems and overdosed on prescription drugs. I appreciate your advice and comments! Thank you8....

Hello I am 25yrs old with wt of 72 and ht of 5.5" is this an ideal wt according to ht?

I am married I have a child who is 5yrs old I am on thyroid medicines but now my reports are normal

Am I the only one with a stinky child? Serious answers only please.?

hat hasn't started wearing deodorant yet. Could this be a thyroid problem? He also is very hyperactive and won't eat if we don't make him. We haven't discussed it with the doctor yet. He has an appointment Friday. I was just trying to see if anyone else has any idea what it could be. Has anyone else heard about the b.o problem in a kid before?...




Hormones Knowledge Base

What natural(non-drug) way is there to help adrenals and thyroid glands to produce hormones(I am 65Plus)?

to wipe me out without real help.I am under doctor's care but no good results yet....

What natural(non-drug) way is there to help adrenals and thyroid glands to produce hormones(I am 65Plus)?

to wipe me out without real help.I am under doctor's care but no good results yet....




Hypothyroidism Knowledge Base

How to take Mullein and Lobelia for hypothyroid.?

How would one use mullein and lobelia for hypothyroid? How long to take? And how does it work?

Has Hypothyroidism already effected my baby?

weeks of "untreated" hyprothyroidism? I can't find any literature that explains exactly what gestational week damage begins with untreated hypothyroidism. Please help!...

Hypothyroidism & lap band?

he insurance company to do it....




Nodules Knowledge Base

Are there any people out there ever had problems with their "Thyroid" gland?

I have to see a consultant soon as I have a small "nodule" below windpipe which is quite painful at the moment.

I am 3 months pregnant and worried, I have lost weight and don't really have an appetite it is killing me,

Is this safe, I have also been diagnosed with thyroid disorder but the doctor says it is ok.


Pets and Thyroid


Pets and Thyroid Knowledge Base

Old dog losing hair! Vet is clueless...?

t to check his thyroid and it came back completely normal. The vet said we could also check for cushings (sp?) but its 200 dollars and he thinks it will probably come up negative anyway. Any ideas on what this could be? Do old dogs just go bald like people can?

How long does an indoor cat live?

to believe one day she'll die....

Cat with renal failure won't eat!?

dry renal failure cat food with low protein. He doesn't want to eat it. The vet told us not to feed him anything but the special cat food because the protein will hurt him worse. My cat will sniff that food just cry and cry for something different food. The vet said there are appetite stimulants but he keeps putting off giving them to us. How much more weight can he lose? Should I just give him some regular food? Are there low protein regular foods that he could eat? Could I give him tuna juice which is even more watered down?...


T3 and T4


T3 and T4 Knowledge Base

Why am I getting lower leg bone pain especially the the joint near the kneecap.?

pain is like something hard hitting on my leg and I can't sleep.I can't feel where is the exactly part which having this pain and I only can answer--lower leg.

Do U know that Canola Oil isn't Vegetarian? It is made with Couchgrass , wheat grass & chemical derived from

the thyroid of a pig! The FDA can't disapprove of it cause it's the exact chemical they allow to make pills for T3


Thyroid Medication and Treatment


Thyroid Medication and Treatment Knowledge Base

Woman who were pregnant while on synthroid medication?

same medication and her baby was born without arms......


Has anyone been on Synthroid then switched to generic? And did it work the same? My doctor says it won't...but it would be more affordable to get generic at Walmart ($4!!!) right now.

Has anyone experienced dizziness when being treated for hypothyroid with synthroid?

have been felling dizzy even when I am lying down-the room spins. Synthroid is the only medication I take.


Thyroid Problems


Thyroid Problems Knowledge Base

Why does every overweight person I meet claim to have a "thyroid" problem?

dical community is always giving people pre-packaged excuses for why obesity or simply being overweight is not their fault. Respond if you dare!!!!...

Do I have a thyroid problem? or am I just overwieght?

im 143pounds, 5'4 and 16 yrs old. I lose a lot of hair and have very irregular periods. I also gain wieght very easily. do I have a slow thyroid? or do I just need to exercise more?

Thyroid Problems? What are they, are they genetic?

My mother recently disovered she had a Thyroid problem ( hashimotos disease, I think ) she takes Eutroxsig Thyroxine Tablets, What is a Thyroid Problem & how can I avoid getting it?


Thyroid Symptoms and Causes


Thyroid Symptoms and Causes Knowledge Base

Trying to conceive, long cycles and confused about BBT?

after my husband and I did our best to conceive this month, I haven't seen a sign of a period, I feel preg but preg test is neg and I have a low BBT (not that it reached anywhere over 34.4 this month. Could I still be pregnant? Is the low BBT temp because I only take the cream on days 12-26, and could this be affecting my chances at falling? Also, does anyone know if the low BBT is connected to hypothyroidism? My Naturopath previously gave me stuff for my thyroid to help with hormone production? Can anyone help or give advice. It has been 6 months (I know its not too bad) but I really want a child so much....

What, other than simply being out of shape, causes a high resting heart rate?

ave done cardio from 30 minutes to an hour at least 6 times a week for the last 6 months and figured that would help lower my resting heart rate but it hasn't budged at all. My doctor ruled out thyroid abnormalities. I'm thinking my adrenals may be out of whack. Any ideas?...

I'm losing too much weight. HELP please?

I'm still breast feeding my one year old. My weight was 117 for quite a while after pregnancy.


Underactive thyroid


Underactive thyroid Knowledge Base

Do anyone suffer from fibroids of the uterus and underactive thyroid?

I just wondered if anyone is suffering from fibroids of the uterus and underactive thyroids, fibromyalgia, arthritis and being deaf all at once?

Hypothroidism and diet pills?

right, don't know what else to do...

Does anybody have some tips when you have an under active thyroid to keep from loosing weight?

Ok I have an underactive thyroid and I loose weight instead of gaining it. Is there a way to keep me from loosing weight with it so I don't have to always have to have something to eat?