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Children and Thyroid


Children and Thyroid Knowledge Base

Has anyone had problems with their thyroid & what kind of questions should I ask my doctor?

hat early in my family as well. I've been having problems w/ my period for a while & feeling tired all the time. My GYN said that tests showed that my thyroid is producing what my body needs but is working too hard to do it. My sister had 1/2 of hers removed in 2005. What should I make sure I discuss w/ my doctor? Please share your experiences with me....

Diabetes, Low Thyroid, Insulin Resistance & Metabolism?

I am actually hypoglycemic and when I got my thyroid levels back, those are out of whack (1st # is normal, but low and 2nd # is REALLY low). I am 5'4" and weigh about 119 lbs, which is my usual weight. Can hyperthyroidism can insulin resistance and screw up the 3 hr glucose test that I did which is why the CNM stated that I am diabetic? And since I have always been hyper, nervous and small of size, would this be a red-flag for the thyroid? Not seeking real medical advice, just trying to organize my thoughts for the first High-Risk OB appointment tomorrow. Any other questions I should ask? PLEASE point out any thing else I should ask about!!...

Hospital Bloopers?

ACTUAL writings from hospital charts




Hormones Knowledge Base

What is the best way, in additon to syntroid, to control your weight hen dealing with hypothyroidism?

ion causes despite controlling my diet and exercise. is there something else I can be soing specific to my condition that can help boost my metabolism?...

Ttc, normal hormone levels but no period, ovulation iffy, please help!?

I've been ttc for 6 months now, haven't had a period since March 1. went off the pill at beg. of the year.




Hypothyroidism Knowledge Base

I have Hashimotos or hypothyroid. I am still tired all the time does anyone have advice?

I need to know what others with hypothyroid are doing or taking to give them energy. Possibly what kind of foods or vitamins might help.

What's YOUR opinion of Synthroid, for Hypothyroidism?

ity, problems during pregnancy and heart disease...anyone know of anything NATURAL/HERBAL I can take instead?...




Nodules Knowledge Base

Has anyone ever heard of a thyroid condition termed "Wilson's Syndrome"?

ded extreme fatigue, trouble swallowing off and on, depression, and more I don't remember. Her Dr. has screened her extensively and is at a loss. She is not a hypochondriac. I have not been able to find anything at all on this....

What is the long term effect of having a hormonal imbalance?

ually normal. My doctor advised me to take contraceptive pills but I've tried a number of brands but they mostly cause me headaches so I chose to stop taking it, that is, choosing heavy periods over headache.I just want to know the long term effect if I'll let it be....

Thyroid Cancer - okay to wait?

ty is a local facility. I want to go into Boston, to the major teaching hospital. I called and got an appointment but it is not for another month and a half. Is it okay to wait that long? The endocrinoligist said it was okay to wait since Thyroid Cancer is slow growing. Is she right? I am so scared.......


Pets and Thyroid


Pets and Thyroid Knowledge Base

My dog woke up in the middle of the night panting, or breathing really hard, whta's the problem?

, is in thyroid meds, but her thyroid level isn't that low. Is this something I should be concerned about?...

Feline fecal problems anyone?

y groom herself much anymore, fecal remnants generally stay with her so that when she sits on anything she leaves a stain of poop! It's really disgusting and just recently started. I have changed her food per the Vets advice and give her a high fiber dry food from Science Diet for Senior cats. I also give her lexatrone for hairball prevention becasue she used to throw up a lot. Anyone know what may be the cause/cure for this? I am desperate to find an answer.

This is a question for a professional...?

watery and irritated. Can this be caused by depression?- he was decalwed front and back when he was a kitten before I adopted him from the shelter. Can obesity cause asthma? Is this most likely a thyroid problem? Will he develop diabetes? I am bringing him in for his yearly check up next month, he weighed 13 lbs last time and they said to bring him back if he gains any more weight. I feed him high quality food....


T3 and T4


T3 and T4 Knowledge Base

Aside from T3, T4 and Calcitonin, what hormone does the thyroid gland produce?

I'm being asked by my teacher... It's a make or break question that I have to answer tomorrow. It's for my graduation this coming March 25!!!

What is the comparison between Thyrolar and Levoxyl?

ight without changing eating or activity habits. My skin and hair are drier. I feel tired more easily. I am 70 years old if that matters. My doctor says blood tests results show that my thyroid is functioning normally, but something feels different and I don't think they are testing both the T3 and T4. Should they be? Do the two thyroid medications work differently?...

Cytomel thyroid medication overdose?

I'm trying to find anyone that has information about being over medicated on Cytomel (T3). Symptoms, how long it lasts, are there any long term problems with heart, lungs, etc.


Thyroid Medication and Treatment


Thyroid Medication and Treatment Knowledge Base

Does it hurt you to take green tea tablets in you are on thyroid medication like synthroid?

Does green Tea tablets hurt you in anyway? I am also a diabetic.

I'm scared to take synthroid, any advise for me?

ur.. I saw the doc today and she said maybe it was the generic one so she wants me to start synthroid.. I'm so scared what my reaction would be she said it was the lowest dosage .025mcg... Has anyone had any bad reactions with synthroid?...


Thyroid Problems


Thyroid Problems Knowledge Base

I had thyroid surgery 30 years ago. I took 120 mg of Armor thyroid ever since.?

My doctor changed my medicine to Synthroid. My system crashed. All symptoms of low thyroid returned with a vengenace. My doctor insists my thyroid is fine. What can it be?

Annoying sickness?

ess). I have such a small appetite that I can handle only two meals a day. I'm often really sad and sometimes for no reason at all. I've got this feeling like someone pumped my muscles full of lead so it exhausts me to move around a lot. On top of that I have a lot more intestinal discomfort and nausea than I probably should, but never throw up from it. The doctor had my thyroid checked and that came back normal...So I'm a little lost. Anyone have an idea what could be wrong with me? Esp. Answer if you're a medical professional. For some reason, I go to the doctor and they can't tell me anything. The last few times I had something wrong friends suggested a diagnosis and I suggested it my doctors who then essentially said "Ohhhhhh riiiighhht....I knew that!" :P...

Thyroid ultrasound?

I was leaving the hospital I passed a room where the radilogist was reading my scan (I heard him say my name and was turning around thinking someone needed me) When I realized he was reading the scan, I of course, hung around. He said it was enlarged but he kept saying "right side, solid mass". Would he use those words to simply describe the thyroid. I thought it was funny that the girl doing the scan stayed on the lower right side, almost under my collarbone, for so long. Thought? I can't call for results until tommorow....


Thyroid Symptoms and Causes


Thyroid Symptoms and Causes Knowledge Base

Does having low thyroid readings cause you to loose weight?

My son is 30 yrs old and use to weight 150 #. now he is 120 #. the doctor said his thyroid level is low. what is the way to get it back up?

Thyroid quevenstion?

#39;t gain weight. always hyper and even when tired im my body is always moving. recently I have developed a funguai infection on my face neck and back. dr. said it was a form of tinea and never said if thyroid can cause tinea or forms of it. I hve read online and know it does all kinds of things to your body, but can it cause tines, if that is what it is, the doctor did not do any tests and didn't seem to worried about it....


Underactive thyroid


Underactive thyroid Knowledge Base

I have an underactive thyroid, and I find the winter months particulary difficult and feel so tired?

Does anyone have any suggestions that would help me feel less lethargic?

I am a 34 year old male and I have been told that I have a under active thyroid?

hats without any exercise. I keep getting a fast heart rate and which sounds like a thump in my heart plus I get what feels likw pins and needles in my left upper chest also chest pains come and go. Latlely I have throat problems where as I cant swallow food and it a bit sore. as any one experianced this and if so did it go away. I have just quit smoking today and before that I have been smoking 3 -5 a day for the last 6 months before that it was between 8 - 10 for 18 years...

Underactive thyroid?

ather, irritable nausea How long more would one need to take them? Is there an alternative therapy?...