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Children and Thyroid


Children and Thyroid Knowledge Base

Can I be pregnant even with my tubes tied and clamped?

headaches. I took a pregnancy test at the doctor's office and it was negative. I have a thyroid problem, but the dr. said that was good now. Any answers for me?...

Living With My Wife and her Bipolar. Anyone have experience living with a spouce who has bipolar.?

fe has had an “episode” leading her to believing she’s being drugged, starved, abused and that “they’- meaning the world, have a conspiracy against her. On both occasions the outcome of her delusions has led her to believe that I was the “bad guy”. She has a long history of blaming nearly everyone close to her of doing the above mentioned things to her. The last episode led her to filing for a divorce, making false allegations against me in an effort to take our child from my care. The Courts didn’t fall for it for long. I have sole decision making and primary guardianship of our child. A year later we decided that we could make another go of our relationship. My wife is in treatment and on medication. My question is: Can anyone offer advice for a Dad juggling responsibility. Our child is first and foremost, my wife second and Dad last when possible. My wife is still cycling about every four to six weeks and is now leaving our home at odd hours of the night and coming home around bar closing time. In the past she caused disturbances during her manic cycle. Now she leaves. I love my wife guys. I don’t know how to handle these issues. She weighs about 100lbs dripping wet....

My period is irregular and my doctors aren not sure whats wrong with me.?

anywhere between 2-5 monthes at a time. Does anyone know of what medical conditions can cause this? My doctors have checked my thyroid and also my blood for certain things. I am afraid that it could be something that could prevent me from having children....




Hormones Knowledge Base

Could an Overactive Thyroid cause this?

to a married man. Could it have messed up my sexual hormones? I mean a soon as my life got back into order I saw the problem that had been created. Nothing happened sexually but it was like something was going in my mind that was very wrong. I thought I was imagining things that were really happening to me. Has anyone else experienced that was an overactive thyroid?...




Hypothyroidism Knowledge Base

I have hypothyroid, is taking a iodine from kelp okay (in a multivatimin)?

I have an underactive thyroid and iodine helps to regulate your thyroid but I read somewhere that taking kelp can be harmful. I am taking it in the form of a multivatimin.

Hypothyroidism during pregnancy?

did you have to take medication for it?...

Hypothyroidism during pregnancy?

did you have to take medication for it?...




Nodules Knowledge Base

Extreme weight gain over past 3-5 months.Many tests.No answers?

normal1.3 .I have also had perimenopause and pitutary gland tests also normal.I am not pregnant,and my blood sugar is good.if any one has any clue of what may be happening or anything that may help,please help me out .I also have back problems(2 previous surgeries) and this is causing real problems for me physically as well as emotionally.Thank you...

Can a thyroid disorder make you nauseous?

hypothyroid I am often nauseous

Vertigo and migraine plus thyroid nodules?

se. At the same time the docs found I have 7 nodules on my thyroid which all are going to be taken out.......anyone any ideas ?...


Pets and Thyroid


Pets and Thyroid Knowledge Base

Im fat?! I weigh 101lb and I cant lose more?!?

started this diet I had lost 5lb in 4 days (seriously) I was 106 and I got to 101 and now I am 100 but I have not lost after that its been 4 days now.. why is this?

Why does a cat urinate in large quantities?

Apricot is 15 years old and has been urinating a lot for a few months. The vet said it was a thyroid problem but medication did not help.


T3 and T4


T3 and T4 Knowledge Base

Question about T3 uptake results?

My daughter is 14 and has had menstrual problems for 2 years. A gyn doctor ordered a thyroid panel. Her first test was August 2005 and she was re-tested Jan. 2007.

Cytomel thyroid medication overdose?

I'm trying to find anyone that has information about being over medicated on Cytomel (T3). Symptoms, how long it lasts, are there any long term problems with heart, lungs, etc.

Why does taking Tyrosine in the morning make my fatigue go away?

I know that Thyroid medication includes Tyrosine in it, and when I take Tyrosine, my fatigue is gone...but I have had my TSH, T3 and T4 checked and they all seem normal. Here are the results:


Thyroid Medication and Treatment


Thyroid Medication and Treatment Knowledge Base

Synthroid to Armour thyroid....any experiences?

Synthroid helped my oversleeping and self-medication problems, but I have gained alot of weight

Are synthroid and the generic levothyroxine really the same thing?

I've heard from a couple that the generic isnt consistent in dosing as sythroid. Is this true?

Have you had bad reactions to synthroid?

don't understand my doc prescribed me the lowest .025 Why did I got super hyper and nervous heart palpitations could not breath, and the worst thing I suffer from panic attacks so to get me nervous and hyper is not a good thing. Any advise would be greatly appreciated....


Thyroid Problems


Thyroid Problems Knowledge Base

When the thyroid is removed thyroidectomy?

of my life the medicine replaces hormones that my thyroid use to make tell me why weigh gain since 1995 I have heart palputations and when I eat stops the heart palputations my thyroid use to make metabulism now I take horrmones for the rest on my life to regulate my heart and metabulism tell me why and how dose the thyroid make metabulism and when it is removed the person gains weight...

Thyroid cancer?

this? Has anyone had cancer in their thyroid and NOT had RAI?...

Thyroid Problem or just Fat, after pregnancy?

ave been dieting SO much like counting calories and really eating a lot less and EXCERSIZING. I take my son on a daily walk and do countless home excersizes on top of that. Such as cardio work out videos and stuff from fitness websites. But I literally am stuck, Im 5'5" and 170 and cannot, no matter how hard I try get to 169.


Thyroid Symptoms and Causes


Thyroid Symptoms and Causes Knowledge Base

Older cat going downhill suddenly with illness?

wobbly than usual. The vet did a test of the fluid (this is slowly poisoning her body!) and we knew it wouldn't be good news. Charlie has cancerous lump & I think an operation would not be best thing for her (unless anyone has experience of this and knows better?) At the moment she can slowly get to her litter tray, and she's also eating a little and drinking. I hug her a lot and she still purrs...but has anyone had this happen to their cat and what is the next stage likely to be? I wouldn't want her to get stressed if she can't get to the litter tray on time or she starts being sick...would it be better to put her to sleep before it gets to that stage, or only WHEN it gets worse for her...oh crikey, this is horrible, so please, any advice from anyone would be most appreciated....

What causes an enlarged thyroid besides hormones and how is it taken care of?

y go about helping me. does it involve surgery? can it be frixed with medication if its not hormonal?...


Underactive thyroid


Underactive thyroid Knowledge Base

Underactive thyroid- will I ever feel the same again?

I have been diagnosed for about 2 years now and seem to have finally got the right level of thyroxine.

What causes an underactive thyroid?

Is there any connection with long-term antidepressant use?

Under active thyroid?

I seem to loose a lot of hair on a daily basis .Is it anything to do with my under active thyroid or some thing different? I am on mediaction for my thyroid.