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Children and Thyroid


Children and Thyroid Knowledge Base

I am 29 and I have an extremely low amount of energy.?

Please no smart *ss comments, I have children and I want to become a better mother to them!...

What are the chances that my child takes up hyperthyroid from me?

is still going on.even the doctor has advised that I shll nt face any prblm due to thyroid in fututre life if medication is continued. but my fiance' n in laws are now in dilema to continue with this relationship, though we hv been engaged a month before....




Hormones Knowledge Base

Over active thyroid.?

itabilty, depression, I dont feel myself. Im 24 5'9 and I weigh about 110 lbs.and I have a 3 year old girl, but I probley eat more than half the people I know. Im wondering if they take my thyroid, will I gain weight dramatically and be fat? lol I know this is vain, I want to be able to gain weight, and what about the hormones they give you as treatment? Is it true that taking hormones give you a better chance for cancer? Thanks...

What can you do naturally to enhance your thyroid hormone production?

meds and said next time I came in he would recheck and decide what to take. Now... I have lost my insurance which means I cant PAY for a prescription nor GO SEE a doctor as I am BROKE.... I have to take care of my kids and dont have $175 + whatever the new blood work would cost to have done.. Any serious suggestions would be appreciated. I just cant bare the weight gain any longer.. I have gained around 60lbs in a year and a half......




Hypothyroidism Knowledge Base

Anyone with hypothyroid who has difficulty losing weight?

mation besides the usual I find online on what has helped them seriously to lose the weight and feel good again....

I need a Hypothyroid doctor in the Raleigh, NC area.?

hypothyroids out there have a favorite doctor?...




Nodules Knowledge Base

I cry too easily..How can I become less emotional..?

Is there a better a way...? My boss thinks Im nuts, cause I cry when Im frustrated ....

When is it time to surgically remove the thyroid gland due to multinodular thyroid disease?

However, in January, my tests (an ultrasound and a nuclear medicine scan) showed I now had 6 large fluid filled cold nodules. The Dr assured me they are benign. My Dr. increased my thyroid dosage for 6 months to see if there would be any improvement. I just had another ultrasound prior to my doctor's appt next week & now I have 30-40 nodules. I have some difficulty swallowing, especially at night if I lay on my back, and my neck sometimes hurts. I am I know that the medical people are reluctant to remove a thyroid gland that works, but I am beginning to feel that maybe it is time for the surgery. I am 54 and in good health otherwise. Has anyone else had this situation? Do you think I should discuss this with the endocrinologist and maybe get a 2nd opinion?...

What is causing my hives?

have taken zyrtec,allegra,benydril,hydrox... everything other than cyclosporine-which can cause severe side effects.I use a non-scented detergent, what else can caused this?...


Pets and Thyroid


Pets and Thyroid Knowledge Base

Why is my Vet bill so HIGH?

nnual Blood Profile Gereatric on the 8 yr. old male dog. Is this expensive? Services include on both: Lyme Booster, Thyroid test, Rabies, DHLLP/C Booster, Heartworm test, Fecal Exam, and reg. Exams. They also did a Pre-Anesthesia Blood profile (on female dog). Your opinion is appreciated. Cost were Male dog: 342.30 and Female Dog 194.00....

Help for a dog with an unactive thyroid.?

My dog is 7 years old the vet said he has an unactive thyroid, very fat. hardly eats, what can I do..

Is there no cure for thyroid (dogs)?

sensitive and turning reddish, in such a way that, it cannot move. It became so weak from past one month! Firstly its four paws got badly infected, then the inner part of the both ears...then its lips.. we are using Ofloxacin 0.1% w/w,minoconazole Nitrate I.P 2.0% w/w,Clobetasol Propionate B.P 0.025% w/w, Base q.s lotion,which is a Anti Fungal,Anti Bacterial and Anti Inflammatory. This Lotion is temporarily curing the infected, but in the very next few days...another body extremity (may be ears, lips etc) are getting infected!! Local Doctors say that there is no cure for this!!


T3 and T4


T3 and T4 Knowledge Base

Do U know that Canola Oil isn't Vegetarian? It is made with Couchgrass , wheat grass & chemical derived from

the thyroid of a pig! The FDA can't disapprove of it cause it's the exact chemical they allow to make pills for T3

What natural alternative for thyroid?

pression, fatigue and also diagnoised w/GERD and take aciphex. Mostly the itching has bothered me in the vaginal area. I went to a PMS clinic where they tested me (blood) and said my T3 level was low. What can I take for this condition? Or what does anyone w/these sort of symtoms recommend. I've been to many doctors and they seem to be experimenting on me rather than finding the root cause of this itching....

Question about Thyroid glam..?

Hi, I had tests done (T3, T4 and TSH determination)


Thyroid Medication and Treatment


Thyroid Medication and Treatment Knowledge Base

Can thyroid medication make your blood pressure raise?

Honestly, I have been abusing thyroid medication to lose weight, but now, when I eat, my head spins and throbs. I tested my BP and it was high...

Does synthroid make you lose weight?

I'm new to the medication and was curious...Thanks in advance!

What would the interaction be on synthroid and zoloft?

Synthroid can interact with a wide variety of medications. It's advisable to check with your doctor before taking any other drug, but you should be especially wary of the following:


Thyroid Problems


Thyroid Problems Knowledge Base

Thyroid hormone level?

blood test result was okay except the thyroid hormone. ANd when I called them back to verify with doctor. Doctor says okay. I feel like I am decieved some point... Any idea?...

Does anybody know if I have a really bad thyroid problem?

ght some natural vitamins to support thyroid does anybody know if these are good ? any suggestions?...

Thyroid problem and pregnancy...?

o conceive for 11 months, to no avail....


Thyroid Symptoms and Causes


Thyroid Symptoms and Causes Knowledge Base

Check out

We signed up for the savings on thyroid medication. Anybody else think that this is a good idea ?

Pubert hitting girls as young as 4yrs old?

ty by 8yr old, and some american girls are developing as 5,even 4 yrs,expert say.skyla is an energetic 5yr old from georgia who loves to play. last year her mother,melissa notice skyla was tired all the time,had a body odor and had blood in her urine.she say she din't know what was going on,she went right ahead and thought her daughter had a kidney infection.and we went on antibiotics and still din't clear it up.she took her to a pediatric endocrinologist.where doctor say she was menstruatina and expericing other unmistakable signs of puberty.melissa got freaked out. well skylar went to diffrent doctors until they found out her symptoms were caused by a thyroid.

My niece just found out she is pregnant. during her routine blood work she was diagnosed with a thyroid?

f a brain tumor! We are all freaking out, anyone out there have any thoughts?...


Underactive thyroid


Underactive thyroid Knowledge Base

Is Duromine a good tablet to take if you have an underactive thyroid ?

slow because of the thyroid thing and I cant lose any weight no matter what I do . the thyroid tablets im on now dont do anything . so my question is , does duromine actually speed up the metabolism ? thanks for your answers :)...

Alternatives to weight reduction surgery?

My husband went to see a specialist in the Roux-en-Y

What can you do for thinning hair in a female?

's been 2 years since I went on meds but my hair is still thin. I've also tried different shampoo / cream conditioners but the only one that seems to do anything is Pantene. Does anyone have information on how to make the hair thicken up again?...