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Children and Thyroid


Children and Thyroid Knowledge Base

Can a person born without a thyroid pass the problem on to future generations ?

iricle. The Doctors said I'd never have kids but somehow I was given the Miricle of children. So far in their twenties my kids seem to be alright but put weight on easy. They have been tested. I wonder if it is possible for them or their children to have problems down the line....

How long can someone live who is diagnosed with thyroid cancer?

n. She is a very optimistic gal and lives life to the fullest. But somehow, I am concerned for her. I don't know how long she will have to live (as in the case of other cancer patients) and would want to spend more qualtiy time with her and make up for the times that were lost....

What can I do to realine my hormons without taking persciption medication?

sting and perscriptions. I just want to lose thes pesky 30lbs that wont go away after it litterly showed up over night. the doctors said it would just go away the same way it came and well I waited for a while then tried dieting and extersizing everyday for at least an hour at the gmy sometimes longer and sometimes burning more than I ate that day and still I got zero results. my eyebrows have been falling out, my skin is getting red and puffy, and I'm tired of hating my body because I miss my old clothing that I can't fit into. I think there is a fruit of herbal remedy that re-alines hormons when they become unbalanced but I don't remember what it was, so if someone could please help and let me know?...




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Thyroid stimulating hormone(TSH)?

I'm 23 yrs/female my TSH test says 0.05 I would like to know what does this mean n how does affect my health

Which of the following statementes is FALSE when describing the thyroid gland?

A. The thyroid gland is located near the pineal gland in the dorsal part of the brain

Thyroid- TSH is (.085) Dropped Medication Dose?

cal term :hyperthyroid. I was on .1 synthyroid..and now dropped to .5 to make my levels more normal. 1) I have been having major eye muscle problems, headaches--just came back from eye dr and he said I am seeing double due to my muscles in right eye not this related to thyroid? 2) I see it like this-the .085 is very very low--was that dangerous? 3)What makes my thyroid level flucuate so much when I am 38? Thanks! Doctors comments very much welcomed. Eye doctors too! Scared in Chicago!...




Hypothyroidism Knowledge Base

Does anyone else have mild hypothyroid and difficulty conceiving?

ad my second tested TSH stayed above 5.

Pregnancy, Hypothyroidism, Birthmarks?

. He came out 9 lb and 3 oz. With apgar scores of 9 and 9. I was very relieved, after reading all that junk on the internet, about what can all go wrong. Well, he was born with strok bites on his face and back of his neck. No big deal, he is otherwise healthy. Besides, they fade with time. The only one you can see now, is the one on his neck. Well, when I got him out of the bath tonite, I noticed on his butt and the back of his leg, little spots. Only 2. I looked them up, and sure enough they are Cafe au lait birthmarks. Does anybody have any experience with these? Should I let his peditrician know? Could they possibly have been caused by my being hypothyroidism while being pregnant? PLease let me know....

Has Hypothyroidism already effected my baby?

weeks of "untreated" hyprothyroidism? I can't find any literature that explains exactly what gestational week damage begins with untreated hypothyroidism. Please help!...




Nodules Knowledge Base

Could the biopsy for thyroid cancer be wrong?

as in begginning and I don't have a lump when I swallow anymore. Could the biopsy be wrong? What would you do? Would you have the TT?...

Does anyone know of any online resources for failure to thrive or growth disorder in infants?

on dietary supplements even (a soy "pediasure" due to diarreah/vomiting with milk products. He was breastfed as a young infant so we didn't know about the milk allergy until after he was one). He's been tested for cystic fibrosis and some other things with his thyroid. Those were negative but it did show that he had some sort of anemia. I'm looking for some scholastic resources that I can pass along to his doctor in the hopes that we can get him into a normal weight range. Thank you in advance for your help....


Pets and Thyroid


Pets and Thyroid Knowledge Base

Would you call this excessive overcharging?

for CBC w/profile. All together $106.50. All the tests were negative, and I was told if they tests were negative, they'd then do a thyroid test.

Would you call this excessive overcharging?

for CBC w/profile. All together $106.50. All the tests were negative, and I was told if they tests were negative, they'd then do a thyroid test.


T3 and T4


T3 and T4 Knowledge Base

Question about T3 uptake results?

My daughter is 14 and has had menstrual problems for 2 years. A gyn doctor ordered a thyroid panel. Her first test was August 2005 and she was re-tested Jan. 2007.

Question about Thyroid glam..?

Hi, I had tests done (T3, T4 and TSH determination)

Why are these hormones important to the maintenance of homeostasis?

I'm doing the gland thyroid and parathyroid. The hormones are... t4, t3, calcitonin, and parathryroid hormone. Why are these hormones important to the maintenance of homeostasis?


Thyroid Medication and Treatment


Thyroid Medication and Treatment Knowledge Base

Can you go without Thyroid medication?

If you are Hypothyroid and blood tests show your levels to be very low, can you go without taking the synthroid? If so, what are the risks?

Synthroid users: when your dosage is changed, how long do you take to adjust?

9; of 88 mcg, only one month of Synthroid and not the generic,

Side effects from not taking synthroid?

rning all puffy and swelled, then I realized its probley from NOT taking my med in the morning. Could it be that? Ticks me off cause I was just finally feeling better. My labs are normal.....though I still have bone.muscle pain. Also 170lbs and cant lose it if I starved myself! Ok....Thank you!!!!! -Cheri...


Thyroid Problems


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Swollen throat from too much sugar?

Over the last year or so I have noticed that my throat (glands?) feel swollen when I eat sugar.

Does anyone know all the signs of a thyroid problem?

Hypothyroidism runs high in my family. Probably effects 7 out of 10.

Thyroid diet ....needs doctors help?

read this on the internet I wanted to know if its true and why is it hubby has underactive throid


Thyroid Symptoms and Causes


Thyroid Symptoms and Causes Knowledge Base

Can a removal of 50 % of my thyroid cause me to have half of my face become numb and noise in my ears for 2 ye

It has been two years , and my condition has not changed . Iam in pain constanily rose cucuzza

How do I shrink my hips and waist and make my neck thicker? Exercise and diet tips?

diet on 5/21. Currently take in no soda, have two Slim-Fast one for lunch and one for dinner. Two fruit or veggie snacks. Turkey or Chicken for dinner protein and a HUGE salad with limited Fat Free dressing. I need to lose at least 20 lbs. ASAP and any additional diet tips and exercises that will take inches of my waist and hips or thicken my neck would be helpful. Also walking/jogging 4.5 miles a day. I need to lose this weight so I can sign up for the Army!!!!...

Check out

We signed up for the savings on thyroid medication. Anybody else think that this is a good idea ?


Underactive thyroid


Underactive thyroid Knowledge Base

Anyone who has underactive thyroid.......?

adams apple looks larger and feels larger for a 26 year old female and very moody....

Who would know if an under active thyroid and a potassium deficiency could make you gain wight? or keep it on?

I think I have one or bouth and need some more info on this so I can talk to my doctor about it thaks