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Children and Thyroid


Children and Thyroid Knowledge Base

Can elevated Troponin levels be related to Thyroid or Infertility problems?

r. My first child had to be conceived with clomid. I can go six+ months with no period, if it isn't medicine induced. I have never been told that I have a thyroid problem, but I know that I have irregular periods and infertility issues. Can this cause heart damage or elevated troponin levels?

Diabetes, Low Thyroid, Insulin Resistance & Metabolism?

I am actually hypoglycemic and when I got my thyroid levels back, those are out of whack (1st # is normal, but low and 2nd # is REALLY low). I am 5'4" and weigh about 119 lbs, which is my usual weight. Can hyperthyroidism can insulin resistance and screw up the 3 hr glucose test that I did which is why the CNM stated that I am diabetic? And since I have always been hyper, nervous and small of size, would this be a red-flag for the thyroid? Not seeking real medical advice, just trying to organize my thoughts for the first High-Risk OB appointment tomorrow. Any other questions I should ask? PLEASE point out any thing else I should ask about!!...

What are the symptoms of a thyroid diorder in a child age 9?

My daughter's tyroid seem enlarged and I was curious if she may have an underactive thyroid. She had gained weight in the last year.




Hormones Knowledge Base

If this hormone exerts negative feedback, what effect will its release have on blood calcium level?

A hormone called calcitonin from the thyroid gland is released in response to increased levels of calcium ions in the blood.

Thyroid question?

is be why I feel I have stooed growing? keep in mind im 18 now and feel I haven't gone through a growth spurt!...

T3 & T4 Thyroid hormones question?

Do the numbers 3 and 4 come from the number of iodine atoms the have in their molecules?




Hypothyroidism Knowledge Base

Hypothyroid or normal?

my thyroid checked again with my current doctor. The level came back at 0.56, and he said it was normal. I am so confused....because from everything I have read, doctors can't agree on what's low or high. All I know is that my symptoms have gradually gotten worse over time, and I would really like to figure this out. Any information from anyone, I would be thankful for....

Can hypothyroid cause infertility?

I take snythroid for a year now and I wanted to know does being hypothyroid cause infertility? I am 38 yrs old with one child that is in their teenage years.

I have a slight "Hypothyroid" and am 5 months face is so dry, is it from my thyroid or pregnancy?

ry skin? Confused about that. I am pretty frustrated. I normally have combo skin, but now am extremely dry....any suggestions out there? Feel like I have tried every single face lotion known to man. Any reccomendations, I want one that I don't have to put on 5 times a day....




Nodules Knowledge Base

Why am I tired all of the time?

ave anything to do with it? I have also been told I have thyroid nodules, I had them tested and they arent cancer....I am tired of being tierd all the time...I NEED HELP!...

Are we close to transplanting the thyroid gland?

thyroid desease is a magor disorder few even know about it rules everything in your body..put this desease on the map cures..or find one!!

Is my Doctor putting my Thyroid condition off?

ecause of the hormones and have my tubes tied, then return in 4 months to discuss the removal of my thyroid, He is a specialists and is the second one I have seen, the first one did nothing, I have had nodules biopsied and the results came back inconclusive, I am scared he didn't want to do any more needle biopsys because only 1 in 100,000 people have thyroid cancer and I wouldn't be one of them he said. I have had this condition since I was 14 and I am 35 now I also have hudreds of tiny tiny nodules around the thyroid. Should things be moving a little quicker then this?...


Pets and Thyroid


Pets and Thyroid Knowledge Base

Can a 15 year old cat overcome mild kidney failure?

er weight, and is going bald.

My 15 year old cat must take pills for the rest of her life. She won't come near me anymore. Is this worth it?

roid, and vet says her life will be shortened by not getting these pills. I don't know what to do (have tried all the pill methods I've seen--crushing, putting in food, prying open her mouth, putting in Nutri-cal and wiping on her paws)....

Overweight Senior dog with thyroid condition?

dies, food,soaks anything to help her I want her to live as long as possible...


T3 and T4


T3 and T4 Knowledge Base

Cytomel thyroid medication overdose?

I'm trying to find anyone that has information about being over medicated on Cytomel (T3). Symptoms, how long it lasts, are there any long term problems with heart, lungs, etc.

Hypothyroidism question?

Ok, so I've been having CONSTANT dizziness since august, and I had my thyroid checked, but they only checked the TSH number and not T3 or T4.

Why are these hormones important to the maintenance of homeostasis?

I'm doing the gland thyroid and parathyroid. The hormones are... t4, t3, calcitonin, and parathryroid hormone. Why are these hormones important to the maintenance of homeostasis?


Thyroid Medication and Treatment


Thyroid Medication and Treatment Knowledge Base

Does it hurt you to take green tea tablets in you are on thyroid medication like synthroid?

Does green Tea tablets hurt you in anyway? I am also a diabetic.

Can you go without Thyroid medication?

If you are Hypothyroid and blood tests show your levels to be very low, can you go without taking the synthroid? If so, what are the risks?

Are there any natural non-prescription alternatives to taking thyroid medication after a full thyroidectomy?

If yes what are they? If no is there anything that I can take along with prescription medicine that will be beneficial?


Thyroid Problems


Thyroid Problems Knowledge Base

Does anyone have a thyroid problem and its affecting the patuitary gland?

a specialist on Monday, but I was wondering if anyone else has this problem and what is being done...Also, have you lost weight?...

Thyroid problem?


What should be done about a thyroid problem, when nodules are present, what are symptoms?

Are allergies commonly related to thyroid issues? Are there are any nontradition / non western medicine approaches to treatment? Is this an issue that should be adressed by a doctor?


Thyroid Symptoms and Causes


Thyroid Symptoms and Causes Knowledge Base

What causes a thyroid nodule?

what if the thyroid levels are normal, but you have a thyroid nodule, do I have to have a biopsy

Is hives a sympton of low thyroid ?

I am doctoring hives with doctors, some say low thyroid causes hives and some says not.


Underactive thyroid


Underactive thyroid Knowledge Base

Want to find out about under active thyroid?

o or a website would be great Thanks...

What can you do for thinning hair in a female?

's been 2 years since I went on meds but my hair is still thin. I've also tried different shampoo / cream conditioners but the only one that seems to do anything is Pantene. Does anyone have information on how to make the hair thicken up again?...

Does anyone else have an underactive thyroid...?

Every so often I have to get on medication for it...not an issue...