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Children and Thyroid


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Hospital Bloopers?

ACTUAL writings from hospital charts

Very little sleep and heart palpitations - any advice on eliminating the palpitations?

tions. I have spoken with my doctor, and there is not much that he can do because there is really nothing medically wrong. My blood pressure, cholesterol, and sugar levels are all normal or below normal. My thyroid is fine. An EKG showed nothing. Though I do have stress, I can't say I have been having panic attacks. I find that if I can get more sleep, the palpitations are less frequent, but this is not always the case. I don't feel as if there is anything wrong with me so to speak, but the palpitations are truly annoying. Changing my lifestyle is not an option at this point because financially, I cannot afford to not work both jobs. Is there a supplement, vitamin, etc., that has been known to reduce or eliminate palpitations?...

Can elevated Troponin levels be related to Thyroid or Infertility problems?

r. My first child had to be conceived with clomid. I can go six+ months with no period, if it isn't medicine induced. I have never been told that I have a thyroid problem, but I know that I have irregular periods and infertility issues. Can this cause heart damage or elevated troponin levels?




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What's the best way to care for sick old cat?

s normally. How can I prolong this cat's life so he is as healthy as possible?...

Premature Ovarian Failure and/or Thyroid problems?

ar I've had screwed up (missed or every 3-4 months) periods. I've been going to the doctor for it and after some bloodwork they are suggesting it might be Premature Ovarian Failure (POF) although still trying some other things first so not really diagnosed at this point. Anyone with thyroid problems been in a similar situation? or had missed period and possible POF that turned out not to be POF?...




Hypothyroidism Knowledge Base

Anyone here had hypothyroidism?

medication assist me in losing some of these pounds? Or am I stuck with them? Diet and exercise have had very little effect on my weight over the last year. Help!...

What are risks for pregnant women with hypothyroidism?

y or the inability to concieve right away? I really love my doctor but he did not explain what it was. I am 10 weeks and 4 days pregnant and wanted to know if it could cause any complications in pregnancy. I know this is alot to ask but I wanted to know whether other than tyroid medication whether there was anything in my diet I needed to change. Any help would be appreciated. I only would like advice. I know that you are not doctors but any helpful sites or input would be useful.

What are the complications for a hypothyroidism mother and its baby?

ism I just want to know that is there any risk involved for the mother and its baby at this stage...




Nodules Knowledge Base

If someone answers my question and includes a question in it, can I answer.?

run in families. btw, they aren't called goiters anymore by drs. They are nodules on the thyroid....

I need a outline on thyroid disore?

I need a outline on thyroid disorder


Pets and Thyroid


Pets and Thyroid Knowledge Base

My dog was just diagnosed hypothyroid, he won't eat. Why?

and said his thyroid is very low. We'll start his meds tonite. I'm just wondering why he won't eat. I tried everything from warm water on his food to hand feeding him. He acts like it hurts. He's been drinking tons of water. I did finally get him to eat some chicken noodle soup yesterday. Any ideas? Thanks!...

What is the life expectancy of a dog diagnosed with Cushing's disease?

My 7 year old terrier has recently had blood work done which indicates the possible existance of Cushing's disease.

I am trying to find natural remedies for thyroidism for a dog-english springer spaniel for a friend?

she cannot afford the thyroid medication for her dog and her dog is 11 1/2 yrs old and would hate to put him down for this also he cannot control himself and is peeing almost all the time


T3 and T4


T3 and T4 Knowledge Base

Thyroid question?

d of the norm. my TSH level was normal and it was 2.75UIU/ml. I am wondering what could cause slightly higher free T3 level and TSH still staying in the normal range. I have symptoms that could be associated with high thyroid hormone. My heart beat feel so fast after a little excersise and shortness of breath appear at the same time with fast heart beat. its hard to sleep sometimes when the symptom appears. This is very bothering me and I wonder if anyone have some idea what should I do to cure these and what could be the cause. Because my heart beat sometimes is very uncomfortable and it makes me anxicious. I really would like to be fine like before....

Can it solve my problem regarding hand sweating?

roblem regarding hand sweating?...

What is the difference between iodide and iodine? which is beneficial for goiter?

thyroid follicles take up iodide to form t3 and t4 but iodine blocks the formation of t3 and t4?


Thyroid Medication and Treatment


Thyroid Medication and Treatment Knowledge Base

Woman who were pregnant while on synthroid medication?

same medication and her baby was born without arms......

Hyperactive Thyroid Gland symptoms and damages muscles.?

I was diagnosed with a Hyperactive Thyroid Gland when I was 14...

Are synthroid and the generic levothyroxine really the same thing?

I've heard from a couple that the generic isnt consistent in dosing as sythroid. Is this true?


Thyroid Problems


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Thyroid problem?

How can you make it become hyper, increase it's level?

Anyone know anything about thyroid glands? I think I might have a problem...?

this? is it my thyroids? how do deal with this? will I ever be able to gain weight or get taller?...

Whats the easiest way to lose 4 stone baby weight gain by May with an under active thyroid problem?

got no confidence to go to the gym by myself. I have a few pieces of exercise equipment but no motivation. I have also recently been diagnosed with an serverly under active thyroid. Any tips, ideas anything to do with anything mentioned above would be a great help....


Thyroid Symptoms and Causes


Thyroid Symptoms and Causes Knowledge Base

Could a underactive thyroid be causing headaches?

My co -worker has had one since 7/4

My niece just found out she is pregnant. during her routine blood work she was diagnosed with a thyroid?

f a brain tumor! We are all freaking out, anyone out there have any thoughts?...

Can diet pills ruin your thyroid?

can taking prescription diet pills like phentermine cause thyroid disorders?


Underactive thyroid


Underactive thyroid Knowledge Base

Getting pregnant w/ an underactive thyroid?

Anyone have any similar experiences? Thanks!...

Does anyone know when you have under active thyroid and taking med. for it and u are still cold all the timeme

that its off balance or something like that. or that maybe need another med or something